Career Growth In Digital Marketing

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Career growth in digital marketing

Career growth in digital marketing

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You are searching to begin career in digital marketing field in India or globally. If you desire an exciting job in a high-growth area, then you have to think about digital marketing!

In India, you will be recognizing the many opportunities and select the right one for your career growth.

In this blog, we will give you the essential information that you need to know before starting your career in digital marketing.

Digital marketing is excited and gives many opportunities so you can think this as a career.  Digital marketing is no way existed a long time ago. When Internet was invented for only communication purpose. But now Internet help us in many ways and it is use in many fields, for necessities and dreams. As the internet, now day’s marketing field is incomplete without digital marketing, how marketing reached out to their clients to promote their products and services.

Before we begin, once we understand that why digital marketing is gaining so much popularity and professional career in digital marketing in India. The range of digital marketing is globally. Due to this, there is so much potential in digital marketing that we can market and deliver services to targeted market at inexpensive cost.

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The Covid-19 pandemic year affected all sectors of the economically in 2020. Many small businesses and corporations noticed their deliver chains interrupted, demand for their products and offerings failure, lacks in suppliers.

What must we take away from the pandemic?

What can we do to for business development?

And how is marketing field being rethinking in the Covid-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic is redesigning many types of businesses; one of them is digital marketing.

Due to the benefits of digital marketing, its need is increasing in every business. So, marketers assume about making growth in the business this year and in future. That’s why the need for a career in the field of digital marketing has proved to be admirable.

Based on the provided information. You will understand the importance of digital marketing. And as well you can start your career in digital marketing sector

Career Growth in Digital Marketing

According to Statista the the Scope of Digital Marketing is Very Bright in near future as you can see in following graph.

Digital marketing future

The digital advertising industry across India had a market size of around 47 billion in 2015, which rose to a market size of around 199 billion in the 2020 financial year.

This figure is expected to rise to 539 billion rupees from the financial year 2024, showing massive growth in the digital advertising sector.

According to above statistic result shows that a lot of money is being invest on these digital channels. As an outcome of which digital marketing activities are being used a lot.

To perform this activity properly and smoothly, they need highly skilled professionals to take care of them in order to do it. That’s why this is a positive and optimistic number which indicate towards an inspiring career field in digital marketing in India.

Why Digital Marketing Important for student?

The digital marketing career is considered in top 5 professions. Due to this, in this digital marketing industry needs highly skilled, talented and professionals.

The proper digital marketing education can assist students find out their expert feature which they didn’t have the possibility to see before.

You will be capable to promote yourself all your strong point in a numerous field such as your own website, social media accounts etc.

This will make bigger place of jobs you would possibly do for one day after you’re completed with your studies.

In India, we have real estate business, hotels and Travel industries, B2B companies, B2C companies, retail, consulting, manufacturing, export-import and many different industries, which are searching for digital advertising specialists to hire. This enterprise is dealing with a problem, because there is extra demand than supply. Just go to,, etc. And search for “Digital Marketing Jobs” and you will be amazed via the question.

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What is Difference between Digital & Traditional Marketing?

Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is front-line or modern way of advertising and marketing Technique. The promoting of products and offering over digital media like SEO, SEM, PPC, etc.  In digital marketing we promoting, offering services through online marketing.

Traditional Marketing

Traditional advertising is the ancient way of advertising Technique. The promoting of product and offerings via TV, Telephone, Banner, Door to Door etc. In Traditional marketing industries are used in the initial period to market their product.

Digital marketing vs Traditional Marketing

Why is digital marketing so effective?

The fundamental goal of digital marketing is attracting clients and permitting them to have interaction with the manufacturer through digital media.

Digital marketing has no limitation of boundaries. Digital marketing’s scope is globally. Company can use devices like mobiles, tablets, laptops, televisions, social media, web optimization, videos, E- mail and lot to promote their products and services.

With the resource of Digital Marketing, agencies have better advertising and marketing boundaries and observed good income from on line leads.

The digital advertising approach you to select the expand the visibility of your website online so that you get genuine visitors.

The following digital marketing strategies are noticeable and allow advertisers to ultimately increase the return on investment.

Types of Digital marketing strategies

  • Search engine optimization
  • Pay per click
  • Social media advertising 
  • Marketing by e-mail or newsletter
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Advertising banners
  • Rich Media Ads: Interactive media such as online video directories
  • Online advertisements
  • Advertising networks

Major Roles in digital marketing

  1. Digital Marketing Manager: 

The digital marketing manager is responsible for making and applying techniques that promote an organization or brands. They work on a number channels like social media, websites and e-mail advertising to advertising message to their audience.

You have to 5 years of knowledge and the certifications to help your experience. Your major duties as a digital marketing manager to lead the advertising staff and report to the company’s marketing chief or vice president.

  1. Search Engine Optimizer: 

Search Engine Optimization purposes in making the site or a web page rank on the search engine’s results. And dealing in SEO has to work on analyzing, reviewing, and optimizing web sites the use of search engine optimizing methods or techniques.

For quality results, one has to make content material with related keywords for increasing website users on your articles. Search engine optimization is increasing search engine algorithms are simplified up to date on every day.

  1. Social Media Marketer: 

Social Media Marketing Specialists assist to sketch and execute a whole social media method for a company. The duty of social media marketers is related to growing a social media strategy, developing content.

Social Media Marketer has to conduct paid marketing on social media like Facebook and Instagram to generate leads. They have to generate leads that can finally convert into genuine customers.

  1. Content Marketer: 

The work of the content marketer is to create good content material and issue it throughout related channels. The writing content material must be in a way that it can keep interest a target audience and also increases traffic on website.
As a content material marketer has to work on a number of duties like handling a blog, copywriting, blogging and video creation.

Digital marketing secrets of 2022

  1. Email Marketer: 

Considering the role of an Email marketer has to focus on making email list, creating personal and customizable emails. These emails can be modified to users’ interests, producing leads via written communication.

An Email marketer will additionally have to run campaigns, create various newsletters, and create consciousness between customers about new products to promote the brand’s product and increase customer.

  1. SEM: 

Search Engine Marketing Specialists make techniques for Ad campaigns, focused on the audience, the price range for the same, and the bidding to make certain advertisements target to the proper people.

They write convincing advertisement which make the relate to visitors and join with the Ad’s. They additionally see the overall performance and making changes in it.

Specialists in Search Engine Marketing are answerable for paid advertisement throughout all search engines and show networks.

  1. SEO Specialist for Voice Assistants: 

More peoples are the usage of voice assistants these days and their use will proceed to increase. Google Assistant, Alexa, Cortana, and Bixby have a large of features. If a customer is searching for a product or provider the use of these assistants, it is essential that your enterprise be suggested. This is the place the function of a SEO Specialist expert for voice assistants.

  1. Video Production for newer social media platforms: 

Video making and advertising have unexpectedly grown to be the center of attention of each advertising strategy. Every enterprise has the rule to make video content material as they take hold on the interest of the customers.

It is now not of enjoyment anymore. But also, it is an effective device for promoting and lead generation, specifically on social media platforms.

Like social media platforms like Reels, Tik Tok, etc. Brands have to be prepared to attract customers on these platforms.

  1. Paid Media Specialist: 

A paid media specialist is responsible to carry traffic to your social platforms by using online marketing like Facebook, Instagram, Google, etc. A paid media specialist, want to have the great

of each – a combine of an innovative and analytical mind.

They want to be in figuring out which platforms is nice for targeting and reaching their audience. And other side, the innovative ideas for to get the fantastic optimization for higher output.

  1. Web Developer: 

A web developer role is be updated in various coding languages used for website. They need to create a purposeful and attractive website for the business.

Web developers make and uphold on websites. They are answerable for the website’s technical aspects and its overall performance and capacity. They also know the measuring a website’s speed and about website traffic.

    Conclusion :  

 Digital marketing is an area where any one excepting make a career. This is a developing creativity field. New applied technology in digital advertising has a good deal. The market strategy has additionally developed with increase of new technology. Digital marketing has a wide variety of development and enhancements in its strategy, so it is vital to recognize the digital marketing. digital advertising and marketing will deliver all your goals come reality.

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