“What after 12th?” I think this is the most common Question among the all of students studying in 12th Standard. Every year this question hit lakhs of student all over in India and most of the time more than student-parent also have questioned this? The confusion prevails among them concerning their career prospects, job opportunities, and most importantly their passion and preference. Lack of knowledge about courses sometimes they choose some time unwanted courses so before choosing to take advice from counselors and search in Google which college offers which courses and other more details. Now a day Google gives all information and updated information about courses after the 12th.  Interest, Motivation, and Goals are Prime aspect student must while choosing courses after 12th Student can choose from top courses including Engineering, Architecture, Design, Law, Digital Marketing, Applied Science, Business Studies, Management, Behavioral and Social Sciences, Economics, Media, Humanities, SEO, Diploma Courses and more.

Check out some of the courses after 12th that can help students make an informed and great choice aligning with their interest and career aspirations after passing 12th.

List of top 20 courses that grow your career


To grasp planning significantly we initially acknowledge what has suggested by planning and architect Planning is the name of the course which understudies do after twelfth. Engineering is the most popular course after 12th science for students studying Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. After twelfth, understudies can do graduation in B.Tech from an apparent school which is seen as the beginning of transforming into a planner Any understudy should have at any rate 3-years degree or affirmation Understudies consider doing designing yet a few understudies don’t have the foggiest idea what number of sorts of designing are there Furthermore let us additionally reveal to you that there are such countless sorts inside designing that a few understudies don’t have a clue about the name The most difficult issue comes when the understudy doesn’t fathom from whom to graduate. So today we will examine the most planning field, similarly as talk about those spaces about which you people realize near nothing or nothing.

Hotel management

In the minds of many people, what exactly is the hotel management? What works to do in the hotel at what time And learning the art of carrying out these different tasks properly means hotel management, Yes hotel management has many types of tasks such as hotel booking, hospitality customer service, and event booking Hotel management has become a huge industry these days And this industry is one of the many big growing industries There are many types of departments in a hotel and the student needs to study each of them The hotel industry in each country plays an important role in the income of those countries and the hotel management industry is a major contributor to India’s income.

Many tourists from home and abroad come to India for tourism and the number of tourists is increasing day by day They need hotels to stay so the need for hotel management is increasing day by day Hotel Management course information in English The main objective of this course is to keep the customer happy and provide the right service according to their needs so that the customer will be satisfied and this training is imparted to the students Growing tourism has always required a good expert and graduate students in hotel management. But if you have a question in your mind about what kind of job we can do in the hotel then you can do the various kind of job in the hotel 1 Director of hotel operation manager housekeeping manager supervisor guest service supervisor restaurant and food service manager

Master In Digital Marketing

It is a new-age course that builds on traditional marketing principles to import and apply them to the digital domain. Digital marketing has become an essential requirement in today’s world as the use of digital platforms as the preferred advertising medium is chosen not only by new companies but also by established organizations. The digital marketing course equips the student with the skills and knowledge necessary to train successful digital marketing strategies. The course is particularly interesting because it not only hones a student’s creative skills but also provides the technical know-how of digital platforms to effectively target customers and market a company’s products and services. Courses after 12th arts, Courses after 12th science, Courses after 12th commerce or other field students can eligible for Digital marketing.

Online Marketing
Online Marketing

If you are looking to start your digital marketing career in India or anywhere in the world, we understand that it might be a little overwhelming at first. But with the right and clear information about digital marketing career opportunities in India, you will be able to understand the options available and choose the right one. In this blog, we will give you all the necessary information you need before starting your career in digital marketing. Be sure to stick to the end of the blog for some tips on starting a successful career in digital marketing. But before we get started, let’s shed some light on why digital marketing is gaining so much popularity and what is the professional growth of digital marketing in India. For all the inexperienced, digital marketing is the marketing of your products/services through digital channels and means and making them visible to viewers and turning them into customers, and retaining them.

The scope of digital marketing in India has grown since its introduction due to its ability to market products and services to a wider global audience at affordable prices. Choosing to advertise your products online only to those who meet your target audience criteria or re-marketing your ads specifically to people who have shown interest in the past has been one of the many reasons marketers have moved on to digital marketing. And to top it off, since the covid-19 crisis hit the world, digital marketing has been adopted by small or large companies because it has proved to be one of the most effective ways to conduct marketing campaigns even while their audience was stuck to home. If you want to earn money or make career as soon as possible then just join courses after 12th which leads to you in pick of your career or you can be an entrepreneur.

New digital marketing trends kept emerging and didn’t stop. Digital marketing has really helped many businesses survive and recover in these difficult times. Therefore, digital marketing quickly became a necessity for every company rather than a choice, from a newly effective marketing component. Creating an online presence and meeting consumer needs was extremely vital to surviving the growing competition. With the increase in the time people spend on their phones and on the internet, it was obvious that businesses needed to shift their focus there. Hence, with the growing need for digital marketing in every business due to the benefits of digital marketing, the scope of digital marketing has proven to be commendable.

BCA (Bachelor in Computer Application)

BCA is a Bachelor in Computer Application a graduate course that you can complete in three years The BCA course is a great option for students who want to work in the field of IT (Information Technology) In this course, you will learn various computer languages used in the IT field like C, C, Java, HTML, etc This course gives you the best opportunity to work in the field of software development In BCA you are examined with a semester pattern in which you have 6 semesters They are completed in three years You need to pass 12th (102) to get admission to BCA You have completed your 12th from any branch BCA can be accessed There is no requirement that you should complete 12th in Science You can get admission for BCA even if you have completed 12th in Arts or Commerce In order to get admission in BCA you are admitted according to your marks of 12th standard, but in certain colleges, an entrance test is taken and you are admitted accordingly.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

BBA is Bachelor of Business Administration a graduate course This course teaches you various things in the field of business including economics management accounting business statistics, marketing management Everything in the business field is taught to you in this course you can pursue a BBA followed by an MBA or a Master of Business Administration BBA is a three-year undergraduate course if you have passed 12th then you were eligible for admission to BBA You can get admission in BBA even if you have completed your 12th from any branch Generally you do not have to take an entrance exam to get admission in BBA but in some colleges, you have to take an entrance exam to get admission in BBA Different colleges conduct their own entrance exams and admit them according to their merits. In the college where the entrance test is not taken, you are admitted as per the marks of 12th.

BCS (Bachelors of Computer Science)

BCS is a Bachelors of Computer Science In this you are being taught out computer science In computer science you are taught the principles and uses of a computer There is a slight difference in the name of each course as well as some changes in their study order The main topics are the same Normally in BCS you have six semesters which are completed in three years But in some colleges, the course is four years long In this you have eight semesters which are completed in four academic years If you have done 12th Science with Physics, Chemistry, Maths, and English subjects then you can get admission in BCS Even if you have done a three-year diploma course after the 10th, you can still get admission in BCS In some colleges, admission is given even if you have completed the 12th standard in a branch other than science In some colleges, an entrance test is conducted and admission is given on the basis of marks in the entrance test.

BSc. Agriculture

Although agriculture is the major occupation in India, B.Sc. Agriculture is the last resort for many students when choosing a career BSc in Agriculture is an extended course in many sub-disciplines which is able to give you a career of great potential The BSc in Agriculture course covers a wide range of fields related to food production, horticulture, animal husbandry, rural economy and rural development, environmental health Students pursuing BSc Agriculture course study various subjects like Agronomy Soil Science, Horticulture Fruit Science and Vegetables Plant Breeding and Genetics Entomology Plant Pathology Animal Science Extension Education Plant Biochemistry Agricultural Economics Basic Biotechnology The BSc in Agriculture curriculum is designed in accordance with the guidelines of ICAR (Indian Council of Agricultural Research) and is designed to help students understand the methods of sustainable improvement in crop production and to provide overall knowledge related to agriculture and related sciences The degree of BSc in Agriculture equips the student with knowledge and skills.

LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law)

The form of law degree is – Bachelor of Law law degree is additionally referred to as Legume Baccalaureus BA law degree could be a Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Arts (Bachelor of Law) could be a five-year post-secondary course. It additionally covers law subjects in conjunction with BA graduation during this course, you may learn subjects like political economy, History, politics, social science in conjunction with law subjects like Civil Law, legal code, Labor Law, Tax Law, law, company Law, legal philosophy to induce admission for BA law degree, you would like to possess passed twelfth category to induce admission for BA law degree, you’ve got to require Associate in Nursing entrance examination altogether the overall schools. whereas most schools admit students per the national entrance take a look at, some schools need a separate entrance take a look at for admission and students area unit admitted per their marks

BDS – Bachelor of Dental Surgery.

The full form of BDS is – Bachelor of Dental Surgery Students who want to become dentists do BDS courses. BDS is the second most preferred course for students after MBBS but BDS is the most preferred course for students who want to become a dentist There is a lot of awareness about dental health these days and people are paying more attention to their teeth. If you want to be a dentist you must have a BDS course degree In the BDS course you are taught subjects like Dental Science and Surgery BDS is a 5-year undergraduate course. In these 5 years you have 4 years of classroom classes and 1 year of rotating internship During the BDS course you are given practical knowledge and training about dental diseases Upon completion of the BDS course, the student becomes a dentist The dentist prevents diagnoses and cures teeth. (Prevents, diagnoses, and cures all dental-related diseases People go to the dentist for any dental problem and the dentist helps them. BDS doctors work in their own clinic’s government hospitals or private hospitals. Some students also work in a Pharma company after completing the BDS course.

Master in Creative Content Writing course:

Creative writing is used in almost all fields, including business. marketing and advertising are two areas where creative writing matters a lot. From designing phrases for advertising to writing slogans for products or even designing brand names, creative writing is very useful in business. Become a Creative content writer is not easy because you need to become an expert in English and other skill for that many institutes offers Content writing courses. creative writing is a kind of art: the art of making things up. It’s writing done in a way that isn’t academic or technical but still attracts an audience.

content writing courses

Although the definition is rather vague, creative writing can be considered for the most part any original, self-expressive writing. A news article, for example, cannot be considered creative writing because its main objective is to present facts and not express the feelings of the writer. While a news article can be fun, its main purpose is to present the facts. this is the one of the best courses after 12th which is leads to great career. This course can do course after 12th arts, course after 12th Science, course after 12th commerce. and all stream

The purpose of creative writing is to both entertain and share the human experience, such as love or loss. Writers try to get the truth about humanity through poetics and storytelling. If you want to try your hand at creative writing, keep in mind that, whether you are trying to express a feeling or a thought, the first step is to use your imagination.

BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

The Bachelor of Management Studie is a three-year undergraduate program that is an advanced course in the field of management required to function effectively in a professional organization. BMS also provides in-depth knowledge of human resource management, economics, and business studies To get admission for BMS course, students need to have passed 12th Students who have done 12th in any of the three branches of Arts, Commerce, and Science can get admission for BMS course. In order to get admission for General BMS courses, you have to take an entrance exam like CET, UGAT. In this, various schools admit students on the basis of the number of marks in the entrance examination In some schools, admission is given on the basis of marks of 12th standard without taking any entrance test After graduating with a Bachelor of Management Studies (BMS), students will explore totally different career opportunities as they commence their skilled journey. At a similar time, aspiring students will opt for higher studies and find a post-graduate degree

CA ( Chartered Accountant)

If you have got a twelfth pass, you’ll be able to take the CA Foundation communication. currently you will be speculative what if I did not do Commerce Twelfth. you’ll be able to get admission in CA although you have got completed twelfth from any branch In CA Foundation you have got to allow four papers
1) Accounts (100)

2) Business Economic (60) and Businesses business data (40)

3) Business Law (60) and English(40)

4) Math’s (40) + Statistics (40) + Reasoning (20)

The CA Foundation communication is Associate in Nursing entrance examination Multiple queries area unit asked at the CA Foundation. CA is most demanding and popular courses after 12th commerce and which gives high salaried career. The wrong answer is subtracted from the score of zero.25 so as to pass the CA Foundation, you would like to urge forty marks on every paper and two hundred marks in four papers. the ten students World Health Organization get the best marks within the CA Foundation communication get an area within the All Asian country Rank list when passing the CA Foundation, you get admission in CA put down. It consists of eight papers. These eight papers area unit divided into 2 teams

BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media)

BMM is a graduate course This course can be done after 12th If you have passed 12th from any branch, you can get admission in BMM course The duration of the course is 3 years. BMM course is a semester pattern course, this 3-year course has 6 semesters Students who want to work in media can do BMM course The BMM course teaches you about newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. While doing the course you are taught about journalism, advertising, reporting, etc Which one do you have after completing the course Admission to the BMM course is based on 12th-grade marks. You can also take the entrance exam for some college admissions Preferably you will be admitted on the basis of 12th standard marks but some colleges take entrance exams.

Master in Web Developer :

The demands of web developers are always very high in terms of employment in India as well as abroad. In this Digital World, every industry is looking to move their work and profits digitally. Even small-scale businesses require a Web Developer. Web developer is most popular courses after 12th science, courses after 12th Arts, courses after 12th Commerce for students who is very passionate in IT Sector. Web developers create an amazing website with the help of HTML, CSS, JS language by coding.

online courses in india online courses in india

According to Linkedin, there are 26000+ job openings for Web Developers with an average starting salary of 3,00,000 INR in India. And it can be increased by 5,00,000 – 6,00,000 INR at an intermediate level of your experience. Nowadays most of the business without a website is like nothing because now its all digital life so small scale business also offering Web Developer Jobs so this job you have to learn HTML, CSS, JS these languages are compulsory to build a website. If you search this course offline you have to charge more than online courses in India and online courses have more benefits than offline courses.

B Pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

To get admission in B form, you have to be from 12th science branch.B Pharm is Bachelor of Pharmacy graduate course Pharmacy has a really big role to play in research and testing before a drug becomes available Drugs include diagnosing the cause of the disease and then treating it to destroy the disease or prevent it from growing in the environment For this pharmacists are becoming an integral part of the healthcare industry and making the sector a success It is a major division of the healthcare industry contributing to the research, development and production and supply of pharmaceuticals in the market as well As a Pharmacy Practitioner One who studies this degree studies major subjects including Pharmaceuticals, Pharmacology, Pharmaceutical Chemistry and Pharmacologist The pharmacy industry not only develops drugs but also conducts quality checks, regulates labs according to standards

BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)

BAMS is a 5.5-year medical undergraduate course. BAMS is a Bachelor of Ayurveda Medical and Surgery course focusing on both traditional and modern aspects of the medical field You need to pass 12th to get admission to the BAMS course. It is important to remember that you can only get admission in the BAMS course after 12th Science You must have Physics, Chemistry and Biology in 12th standard and your aggregate score in these three subjects should be more than 50 percent The admission process for the BAMS course is based on the entrance test. You have to pass the NEET entrance exam Your result is declared after giving the entrance test. Once the result is declared, you can sit for the counselling round Once the seat allotment process is completed, you will know which college has got your number If you want to do a BAMS course in the college to which you have number, you can confirm your admission by paying your fee

BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)

Homoeopathy helps to protect the body in a natural way. Homoeopathy believes that anything that causes symptoms in a healthy person, given in a very small (diluted dose) can help to treat a disease with other symptoms When you go to a homoeopathic doctor for treatment, the doctor asks you a lot of questions and starts your treatment by noting all the symptoms You must have a BHMS degree to become a homoeopathy doctor BHMS is a very popular course after which you can become a homoeopathic doctor and get a job in a hospital and become an expert in medicine. This courses only can do who completed courses after 12th science. After doing BHMS you can do a lot. Can do something By the way, B.H.M.S. The course is very popular in our country as it is the best course to become a homoeopathic doctor which will tell you below BHMS is a five and a half year course you can do this course only.

Mass Communication and media

Mass communication is a means of conveying a large amount of information Mass communication and media is not limited to journalism but also extends to other areas such as news gathering and reporting, film directing and production, event management, public relations, advertising, corporate communication The picture of mass communication and media has changed a lot in the last few years Mass communication and media have become an integral part of today’s life Be it a current letter or television, television is your home. Today, with the help of smartphones, everyone can easily communicate with others. Can put your feelings in front of the space The Internet makes it possible for us to get any information when we have it, just like the whole world Now you too can read my blog with the help of the internet It is also a form of mass communication and media Today the Internet has made mass communication and media a popular medium

Nursing course

Only students who have chosen the science branch they are students Can do nursing. 12th During Science, students are required to take Physics, Chemistry, Biology and English subjects This course is completed in 4 years To do a GNM nursing course, students must do their 12th in Science or Arts. Some colleges allow students of any stream to take admission for the course If done in regular, this course is completed in years, if done in distance learning, the course takes 3 years.To complete M.Sc Nursing you need a B.Sc Nursing / Post Certificate/Post-Basic BSC Must have completed from a recognized organization and aggregate 55% of the total. You must have one year of experience after B.Sc You must also be a nurse registered with the State Nurse Registration Council. You are not eligible for admission if you do not meet any of the above conditions. Eligible of this only who passed Courses after 12th Science.

Air Hostess Course Information

There are degree courses diploma courses and certificate courses for air hostess / cabin crew courses We can do this course from Aviation College Degree course 3 years Diploma course 1 year Certificate course 6 months or less You must be over 18 years of age. Some aviation colleges admit you if you are over 17 years of age. It depends on which college you are enrolling in You must have completed at least 12th years of education. It doesn’t matter which stream your 12th comes from to get admission in the Air Hostess course.You need more than 50% marks in 12th. If you have less than 50% guns you will not be able to enter the course Some aviation institutes offer admission to the Air Hostess / Cabin Crew course based on your 12 marks. For some courses, the Entrance Exam is required and admission is based on the marks of the examination.

Banking course

Banking courses prepare students to work in the banking sector The banking course can be up to 2 months or 3 years. This is best govt job and Banking course is most popular courses after 12th science, courses after 12th Arts, courses after 12th Commerce for students Expert in Mathematics, logic and well know about current affairs.The duration of the course depends on which banking course you are doing There are banking graduate, post-graduate courses, PG-diploma, and certificate courses. You can do whatever course you like The admission process of the course is preferably based on merit but courses like MBA can also be taken after the entrance test and interview rounds After completing the banking course, you can find the jobs.

I wish you good luck in making your career choice after 12th!!!

Remember, “PASSION is the difference between having a career or having a job !!!”

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