Are you thinking about how to make your time productive? How to earn make money online? Then Digital Marketing Course is a complete package for you where you can earn many things of fast growing Digital sector with the 14% annual growth rate this introduces you with the modern way of marketing, and how to reach your target audiences and helps achieve your goals in this Digital Marketing Course Syllabus with 30 Skill help you.. but what digital what does a digital marketing course carries in its self? What are the important things that we must have to cover or learn in this course? Most of the time people have those kinds of questions because they don’t have any idea about it, so we are here to clear this problem which people face many times before taking the course. So this is the right time to kick start your career and Know the Digital Mantra to be successful in your life. Read the digital marketing syllabus below.

Syllabus Overview of Digital Marketing Course

We list out all models and skills which must have to include in the DM course. 

Let’s take a look at Digital marketing course subjects.

1. Introduction of Digital Marketing

In the beginning, this model helps to cover all basic topics for a new student that helps to understand this course in a better way.

  • What is Digital Marketing?
  • Importance of Digital Marketing.
  • Difference between traditional and Digital marketing.
  • How to increase sales with the help of Digital marketing.
  • Studies of different strategies and cases.
  • How to use Digital Marketing as a tool to get success for a company.
  • How to conduct a competitive analysis?
2. Planning and Creation for Website

To get more leads, to increase their brand awareness among the people, and one own channel to send their message to their target audiences many businesses intentionally have a website. importance of website increasing day by day it doesn’t matter how small scale is business but having own Website is important.

This module covers many topics which relate to website creation and planning. Which gives you knowledge about every element of the website, Introduces various functions of WordPress which helps you to build a website. They teach you how to add content, how to install and activate plugins, how to design your website.

3.SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

 To rank your website organically on the first page on the search engines result’s page. This is  main and toughest part of Digital marketing. This module designed to learn various algorithms of different search engines to get first rank on search results page. for this you have to learn some steps like on-page off-page SEO, keyword research to get best search results, some tags like meta tags, meta description, link building and more. This is important point in Digital marketing course syllabus.

Download the Digital Marketing Course Syllabus PDF

4. Search Engine Marketing

  Search Engine Marketing includes advertising of business websites to increase their existence on search results pages mostly by paid strategy. This module was created to teach how to do SEM with the help of Google Ads platform.

Module gives you knowledge about various features of the Google Ads platform and it’s algorithms. You’ll learn many tricks and tool’s of SEM such as Google keyword planner, search Engine volume, Cost per click (CPC), customer lifetime value (CLV), and other things. You will learn to write healthy Ad copy, URL, description links of ads and call-to-action(CTA).



digital marketing course syllabus

5. Social Media Marketing

  To increase traffic on company websites Social media marketer does marketing on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, whatsApp, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat and Google+ where they use to do organics as well as paid marketing strategies.

This model includes thing of SMM like creating engaging content, how to get attached with target audiences, how to create social media marketing campaigns, beyond this they will teach about some metric like Cost per click (CPC), Cost per view ( CPV), Cost per Impression (CPM) etc.

6. Contact Marketing and Strategic

  Creating engaging content to attract target audiences it’s a main strategy of content marketing. you will have some important sections in this module to understand the importance of content marketing.

You’ll get in-depth knowledge of different kinds of content. you will have many ideas of how to use trending topics for marketing purposes. In this module they’ll teach you about content bucketing, how to create digital media content and a content calendar for brands. some they give a opportunity of case studies and some strategies which are implemented successfully. In Digital Marketing Course Syllabus this point clear all problems.

7. Web Analytics

  Web Analyst works to understand the behaviour of visitors on a website. In this module you’ll learn to track behaviour of visitors. modules take you through  entire Google Analytics interface and familiarize you with all analytics terminology like bonus rate, page view, session time, etc. You’ll get knowledge of how to optimally use Google analytics to get  website audience, behaviours, and review reports. At the end of the module you’ll learn how to track website visitors down the conversion funnel what information to extract from it.

8. Email Marketing

  In this form we use electronic mail to communicate with our target audiences or existing customers. You’ll learn about the version type of email, how to create engaging content for email, and the impactful way of conversion with consumers. They also teach you about different tools which help you in email marketing. Here you get information on how to generate the right subscription list and build a database by segmenting based on demographics, target group etc.

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