Digital Marketing is the leading industry in the market. Due to this pandemic, the Digital Advertising industry has been increased by about 15% growth in the year 2020. And it is expected to reach near about 23,673 Cr. By end of the year 2022. Digital Marketing includes various types’ platforms like e-commerce, Social Media, Google Ad words, Search Engine Optimization, YouTube Advertisements, and all the websites used to promote or sell the services Online. Types of Digital Marketing Interview questions and answers that are asked to the candidates may vary based on experience and skill sets gained.

If you are choosing this field as your then it’s the right time to make a huge financial growth in your upcoming time. As this industry includes various types of platforms to perform, so while moving ahead in your carrier you must be clear in which platform you want to make your expertise more perfect.
Despite the experience and skill sets, the Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers which are given below are applicable for both the freshers and experienced candidates. Go through these Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers before any scheduled job interview and have an idea about what are the questions that are asked to a candidate in an Interview.

While, if you are looking to do your dream job in Digital Marketing you should prepare yourself for the Digital Marketing Interview Questions. We have some ideas for you that how you can clear your interviews very easily. Below are the #20 questions that we have researched that are frequently asked in Digital Marketing interviews for a digital marketer.

Digital Marketing Interviews and Answers

1. What is Digital Marketing?

Its answer is very common. The term Digital includes Mobile devices, Pc, Laptops, and the internet. And Marketing is the process of promoting or selling services includes market research and advertising. Digital Marketing is the process of promoting or selling our services through the help of various Digital Platforms like Social Media, Google, and YouTube.

2. Why do you want to make your carrier in Digital Marketing?

In this scenario you can share your experience, your research or you can also share the benefits of Digital Marketing. Here is one example of making your carrier in Digital Marketing. As it is one of the leading industries in the market and had growth of 15% in the year 2020 and expected to reach RS.23, 673 Cr. INR by year-end 2022. This research you can share as well you can share your upcoming dreams in Digital Marketing.

3. What are your dreams in Digital Marketing?

As Digital Marketing includes various types of platforms to perform like Social Media, Google Ads, YouTube, Search Engine Optimization, so you must be clear with your vision or you can share in which platforms you want to expertize yourself.

4. What type of Digital Marketer do you want to be?

There are two types of work one is Assistance work which is also known as part-time or freelance work, and then another one is full-time work which is similar to a full-time job in a well-settled organization. So, you should explain what you are willing to work in this industry.

5. What is the difference between Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing?

In this, you can share the information of Digital Marketing and Traditional Marketing and compare both fields very well. We can explain this answer from the below example. “The agenda remains same of both the platform’s which means to promote or sell the services, but in Digital Marketing it is done with the help of Digital platforms like Social Media, Google Ad words, YouTube Advertisements, etc. and in Traditional Marketing it is done by using field activities like holding campaign’s, hanging posters, newspapers, television ads, radio ads, etc. These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions and answers for fresher.

6. What type of promotions you can do in Digital Marketing?

Promoting business its main agenda is to first get known about our services to our target audience and then from this we can get sales in our business. So, in Digital Marketing there are two types of promotions one is organic and the other one is paid promotions, the name left includes that you need to pay the amount according to your budget to promote your services to your targeted audience. Where’re the organic results doesn’t costs any money to get business the all we need to do here is to keep connections with our customer or people visiting our profile/website and regular posting as well as a good website that should be rank in at upper in Google search engine, blogs and other activates which are used to get traffic with organically. These are the Common Digital Marketing executive job interview questions.

Digital Marketing Interviews and Answers

7. What types of paid promotions you can do?

If you are a well-trained Digital Marketer, then you must know what the types of paid promotions are. The paid promotions can be done through all Social Media, Google, and YouTube ads. In this platform there are no. of types while doing promotions for example – Brand Awareness, Lead Generation, Conversions, etc. and all the types of promotion have benefit’s in their way, So it’s up to you to which type of promotion can you do while doing promotions.

8. What is SEO and for what purpose it is used?

SEO is a Search Engine Optimization. SEO includes various programs like On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO, Technical SEO, Creating backings, Indicating KRA and KPI’s, Website ranking, writing blogs. The main purpose of SEO is to get traffic on your website from the internet organically and it is used to rank our website on Google Search Engine. The other purpose also is to work on keywords that are related to our services and begin a search by our target audience. To Enhance the SEO skill we have some SEO Free tool which help to boost your pages or Website.

9. What is PPC?

The full form of PPC is Pay per click. And this PPC comes under paid promotions while working on Google Ad words. We need to pay some amount according to our budget to Google for promoting our business or services. So, according to our Ads quality, Copy right content, or following all the algorithm of Google Ad words, Google asks some amount that we need to pay for if only any person clicks on your ads or perform actions from your ads like view more, signup, contact us, etc.

10 Digital Marketing Benefits over Traditional Marketing?

As your experience tells itself that what are the benefits of Digital Marketing. Since the first and very important is Digital Marketing is much cost less as compared to Traditional Marketing and also it is a less time-consuming process. In Digital Marketing we can target our specific audience which will increase our ROI more than Traditional Marketing. In Digital Marketing customers get more satisfied with the prior information as it has blogs, reviews systems, our ongoing project, and customers can also get a variety of services in Digital Marketing. So, the conversion ratio will also be more than compared to Traditional Marketing. 

These are the General Digital Marketing Interview Questions and Answers that are asked to a fresher in an Interview.

11 How do you can increase the conversion rate?

We can increase conversion rate by doing conversion rate optimization, which means we need to make analyze the traffic visiting our website or post to the leads getting converted into sales. While doing conversion rate optimization we need:

(A) CTA (Call to Action): CTA is like Call Now, Buy Now, Sign up, etc. CTA helps customers to get connected with us very easily, it also helps us to get more leads from our visitors, the more leads we get the more conversion we can do.

(B) Conversion Funnel: Conversion Funnel is to maintain the flow of pages when visitors properly visit our website so that users will be able to take action immediately.

(C) AB testing: It’s to research different types of testing our program like multiple landing pages. AB testing is to test one version of our website or our web page against another to gauge effectiveness.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions

12 What makes it different from impressions to click?

The impression is the total number of times our content has been watched. It can also be just watched and no action taken is counted as an impression. Impression can be done multiple times by a single user. Whereas Clicks are among those impressions how many users are taking actions after seeing your post like how many users clicks your CTA’s. These are the Common Digital Marketing Interview Questions for a digital marketer and fresher.

13 What is Google Awards and its uses?

Google Ad words are known as Google Ads from 2018. Google Ads is a platform of Google where we can publish or promote our services to increase our business. Google Ads are mainly used to get traffic on our website, Generate audience, increase brand value, for marketing services, for lead generation, and increase sales in our business.

14 How do Google Ads work?

Google Ads work on what keyword you are using while publishing content. Google Ads can generate Search Ads, Display Ads, Video Ads, and App Ads. Google Ads mainly work on the PPC model that is Pay per Click along with biding system while promoting your services if someone clicks on our Ad you need to pay per one click to Google according to your bidding strategy.

15 What are algorithms? What is Google Algorithms?

Algorithms are the set of a rule defined by Google, and these algorithms are:

(1) Panda Algorithm: This algorithm works on unique content, quality content, color optimization, words no., grammar, user engagements, and keyword density.

(2) Penguin Algorithm: Penguin Algorithm down the ranking of the website which is using irrelevant or spammy backlinks and work on quality backlinks taken from related website

(3) Page layout Algorithm: If it’s using too many ads or not using useful content that time page layout algorithm makes difference in ranking

(4) Hummingbird Algorithm: SERP (search engine result page) Google itself shows the result without any website on top. For ex- Today’s weather, calculator

(5) Rank brain Algorithm: Rank brain Algorithm work on dual time and CTR. Dual time and CTR should be the maximum of our content or else our content may lose ranking through the rank brain algorithm

(6) Pigeon Algorithm: it is used to provide more useful relevant and accurate local search results that are tied more closely to traditional search ranking signals. Google stated this to improve their distance and location ranking parameters.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions


16 How do you increase traffic on blogs?

While creating blogs we must be sure at what topic people are searching more always look to the right for the user’s intent. We should create our blogs in depth. Content that can satisfy the user/ visitor coming is coming on our blogs using our keywords. The other way is to create a strategy of internal links for our blogs also we can increase by generating relevant backlinks. The Quora also helps us to increase traffic simply we need to answer the question on Quora and give our blog links. Action buttons like click to twit or click to share also increase traffic on our blog if someone takes action on our blogs.

These are the Basic Digital Marketing Interview Questions for a digital marketer and fresher.

17 Importance of social media marketing?

There are various types of marketing as a search engine, YouTube, email, and social media marketing. Among these all social media holds the maximum users comparing others platforms. According to a study in 2020, 370 Million users were using Social Media, in Jan 2021 it increased to 480 Million with a 21% increase rate in one year and there is 71% of internet users using Social Media. So marketing on Social Media can give high ROI in our business as the number itself tells the importance and their benefits of Social media marketing.

18 What Marketing strategies we can use to generate leads?

The answer varies on your experience, but there are some methods that you must follow to get more leads. First comes to increase visitors to your website or blog posts. We should create user-friendly content. If we are getting limited visitors then we should try to get more leads from those visitors with the help of call-to-action buttons. Creating a limited-time offer also can give us more leads. We can also take AB testing while posting our services this is one of the Marketing Strategies. The other main strategy is to create an emergency in the user’s mind.



These are the crucial Digital Marketing Interview Questions for a digital marketer.

Digital Marketing Interview Questions


19 What is Google Search Console?

 Google Search Console was earlier known as Google Webmaster Tool. Google Search Console is a platform where we can view the insights of our website. It’s mainly used to verify our website in Google. It can be also used to know where our website is ranking if our website is indexing if it’s not indexing then to know why it is not indexing. To request for an index of our website, to generate a site map, find crawl status, URL parameters, and backlinks analysis. These are the Important Digital Marketing Interview Questions for fresher.

20 What is SSL? Why it is used?

SSL is Secures Socket Layers. On the internet, all information is transferred from one location to another location in a language called HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP). HTTP by itself is an unprotected table. So a technology called SSL is used to protect the information travel on the internet. SSL is also can be used to increase the security of the website majorly includes any confidential information like bank details, payment links, transactions of payment, etc. 

These are the Important and freuently asked Digital Marketing Interview Questions for a digital marketer.

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