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If you are the one who is looking for a digital marketing job with a good salary, then here it is. Here I have shared the role & salary of every possible position in Digital Marketing, which will surely help you choose your career and provide some FAQ to clear your doubts.

Digital marketing has become a major hub in the Indian economy. With the arrival of companies online, massive amounts of money are being made by marketers. The market in India is growing at an incredible rate, which has given rise to many jobs for digital marketers.

Research shows that digital marketing is one of India’s fastest-growing career opportunities.

In this blog, I’ll tell you every possible job & role & salary in each specific term in digital marketing.

So, let’s begin,

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Social media Marketing

Statistically speaking, around 4.7 Billon people are regularly active on social media that almost 60% of the world’s population; that’s nice…! 

But another fact is 76% of that purchase products online via social media, now that’s awesome…! 

In India, the figure is around 49% of total social media users; that’s pretty good…!

Can you imagine the scope of social media?

Hence social media marketers have huge demand in India, that’s why many jobs are available for social media, but major job roles of social media are as follows

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

A website without seo is as waste as Maggie without its flavor. SEO is a practice to rank and get some traffic from organic search results in search engines like google and Bing.

Many huge companies prefer to do seo for their website to get leads organically from search engines.

Seo gives a company an organic edge to acquire clients; that’s why many smalls companies now understand the power of seo and slowly shifted from paid to organic; that’s why seo is producing many high-paying jobs also, some of that is as follows

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Pay per click (PPC):

Although many industries don’t need seo for their website or landing page, such initiatives include real estate projects. 

Everybody knows seo is a long-term game, but what about the short term? Then the solution is paid advertisement. 

PPC is just a paid ads model, which means we should pay a specific amount for each click user who clicks on your ad.

For many industries, paid ads are necessary, and the scope of paid ads is growing daily and providing many jobs.

Content Writing:

I want remember you. The iconic quote from bill gates is “Content is a King” that’s a very powerful quote.

Only Content is the one thing that everybody loves to see, hear, and watch. No matter how amazing your website or social handle is, if it doesn’t have engaging Content, it equals trash.

Content marketing is evergreen in digital marketing and has scope in the past, present & future. 

So, let’s talk about jobs. Here are a few jobs that are Booming in the industry:

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Other Stunning Jobs in Digital Marketing:

Commonly Asked Questions

1. What is highest digital marketing salary in india?

The highest salary that a Digital Marketing Manager can earn is ₹19.4 Lakhs per year.

2. Is digital marketing a good career in India?

Since covid-19, every business in every sector needs to switch to a digital platform to serve and market their targeted audience. Hence the scope of digital marketing is increasing drastically day by day, and the digital marketing sector is offering high-paying jobs as well; that's why digital marketing is one of the hottest careers in India.

3. Which city is best for digital marketing salary?

Someone with 1 – 2 years of experience range. SEO Interns are paid around 15,000 per month in cities like Mumbai, Bangalore, or Pune.

4. What is basic salary in digital marketing that i except

The average salary for a Digital Marketing beginner level / fresher is about Rs 3.0 Lacs to 4.0 Lacs per annum

5. Which field is best in digital marketing?

Here is a list of the most in demand digital marketing skills.
a. SEO Specialist
b. PPC Executive/ Specialist
c. Social Media Expert

Bringing It All Together

So finally, we are here for the final summary. I included all major possible job roles in digital marketing. One noticeable fact is that every job has its unique function, and many have almost the same PayScale. Hence, if you have any interest, digital marketing offers you the same package. Did you like any job role?

Afterall, it depends upon you and your skill…

Pratik Khatwate

Pratik Khatwate

Co-Founder of Advert Digital Mantra & Digital Mantra Academy

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