Be the highest salary taker in India.

In the pandemic you heard lots of people lose their jobs. But we are offering you a profession that will make you the highest salary taker.              

Digital Marketing Salary in India.

Most of the corporate company’s, businesses , advertising agencies  are  shifting on  social media and online to create awareness about  their products , branding, advertising, marketing  and to find the right group of customers .Most companies carry a digital wing to do marketing with the help of digital platforms. Company’s  look for professional  people who can create good content to engage them , who knows  how to find the right customer group, and how to navigate the right audiences . These professional  people belong to the digital marketing profession. If you wish to be part of this creative and challenging industry then read on to know about job roles in digital marketing and the salary trends.

The growth prospects of the field also reflect in the digital marketing salary earned by freshers and experienced alike.

1)      Digital  marketing salary for manager

DM managers and agencies get the highest payout from various industries. In this position you have to guide, lead and manage people. For this you need a higher level  of experience, strong knowledge in digital marketing .with the help of this you can work on various levels like Digital marketing lead ,Assistant Manager DM.

What kind of skill is required for a digital marketing manager?

The DM manager must have good knowledge of the online marketing process.  Various  functions such as content marketing, email promotion, search engine optimization (SEO),pay per click(PPC), and social media marketing(SMM),SEM.

Some responsibilities of DM Manager

A)     Plan and execute on various digital marketing campaigns.

B)      Have to manage paid marketing campaigns.

C)      In deep knowledge of SEO and lead conversion ratio.

D)      Important role in paid marketing and organic marketing campaigns.

E)       DM manager must have a strong hold on performance marketing.

F)      Taking follow-up of performance of campaign across digital marketing platform.

G)     Study of market trends.

H)     Impressive communication skills.

I)        Update themselves with current trends and changes in the field of digital marketing.

Digital marketing specialist salary in India

The average salary of a digital marketing manager is INR 8,09,777. For that candidate must have 4 to 8 year experience in this job. Talking about freshers  as well as the experienced DM manager’s salary is INR4,00,000 to INR18,00,000. There are some factors like the location of employment, qualification of the employee,in which industry you are working, the kind of certification they have of digital marketing which decides your salary range. 


2)    Digital marketing salary in India for Pay Per Click Analyst

PPC  analyst also known as SEM. This job role has  high demand in online marketing. Most  companies hire PPC analysts because they understand the psychology behind users’ clicks. company  expects that PPC analysts should have an understanding of campaign creation. To get the desired salary you  have to show  you can get more profit than investment.

required skills for PPC  Analysts

A)   Analytical and technical abilities

B)  Good knowledge of google Ads, Bing, and other similar ad networks.

C)  Manage paid Ads.

D)   Have to manage ad campaigns on various digital platforms like Facebook, Quora, and Linkedin.

E)  Have to track keyword bids, raise quality score and track budget.

F)  In this job role I need to be thorough with Google Analytics and other analytics reporting tools.

PPC Analyst or PPC Executive Salary.

On the base of one year experience you can take INR2,50,000.with high experience you can expect INR 6,00, worth more as PPE analyst you have to reach upto assistant manager or team leader post.PPC Executive who is  capable to handle budget those are market  demand. Also monetization being an important goal of digital platforms, the field of ppc can be quite profitable for someone who can manage PPC functions  


3) Digital marketing salary in India for SEO Expert

SEO is an attractive job role in this profession. SEO is the most effective way to get high conversion sustainable traffic. SEMrush, Google Analytics, Search Console, among these you need experience.

Those tools help to be specialized this sector mainly compensation depends on knowledge and experience of candidates.For fresher, the salary may be on an average scale it might sharply increase with an increase in the knowledge and experience of candidates  discussed above.

Skills and Role of SEO Expert

A)     In depth knowledge of SEO ranking algorithms     

B)      Must be friendly with technical SEO.

C)      Use to follow the guidelines of SEO and try to take user experience to the next level.

D)     Research to get the right keyword for your business  and create informational stuff around the keywords.

E)      Have to keep friendly relations with optimization tools like Search Console, Ahrefs, SEMRush and Similarweb.

F)      Well knowledge about Analytical tools to measure performance like Google Analytics, Omniture, or Comscore.

SEO Analyst salary

SEO freshers get low scale salary as compared to a PPC Analyst.  Someone who has 1 or 2 year experience approximately   Rupees 2, 20,000 is the average salary for a Search engine optimization executive. SEO interns get 15000 per month in big cities such as Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore.  For a salary up to Rupees 8, 00,000 you have to grow your skills and experience which is for a Manager level profession. With the help of great experience and extraordinary skills SEO Expert can reach upto 15, 00,000 per year. SEO experts work for   improving website’s ranking in Google and other search engines. Where PPC analyst works on popular sites like Facebook, instagram, Linkedin.

4)       Social Media Marketing

Most people use social media to interact with each other. Digital media changes the public’s lifestyle. Social media is the first choice for banding instead of websites and apps. Sometimes only existence on social media makes you a band. To make sure to get engaged with the potential customer, to keep consistent strong existence for this kind of Work Company hiers Social media Marketer.

Skills and  the Roles they perform.

A)     Create engaging  and good relevant content .

B)      Have to notice interest  targeted audiences.

C)      They have to run Ad campaigns for social media platforms such as facebook, twitter, and instagram.

D)     Always ready to have conversations with people or answer to their questions

E)      Have to strategize and choose the right social media platform to keep efforts for marketing .

F)      Take care of how to get people’s reviews or ratings.

G)     They have to keep eye or track social media trends closely so as to capitalize on them.

Salary of social media marketing expert

 Mostly the salary of SME and PPC  executives  is the same. If you are fresher or have less than 3 year experience then it’ll be INR1,50,000 to 3,50, the post of executive your should go as much as INR5,00,000 to earn more then it you have reach at upto post of manager.the average salary of social  media manager is approx 5,60,000.




 The mentioned figures are not rigid figures,it changes based on various factors like location of employment.cities like Mumbai, Bangalore,and Chennai known for high salaries. Places like Hyderabad, Delhi, Kolkata , and Pune pay less as compared to the above cities.

Skills are also the most impactful thing  in salary that you’re getting. One good thing about digital marketing is you can work from home.

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