Future Scope of Digital Marketing in India - 2023

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Before we look into the Scope of Digital Marketing in India, we look at the historical background of marketing channels.

 In 1883, Horlicks published the first advertisement in India for malted milk in a newspaper. After that, the newspaper became a popular medium for advertising. 

The newspaper dominated the advertising industry for many years until 1927. Radio Club of Bombay broadcasted a radio advertisement in India for the first time in 1927, and radio is India’s leading medium for advertising.

 Time was also changed in 1978 with the first television advertisement in India. After that, television became the king of mediums for advertisements. Over time in India, time changed continuously. 

Now the world is digital, and in this digital world, the medium of advertisement has also changed. Here is the beginning of Digital Marketing,

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What is Digital Marketing?

In digital marketing, “digital” refers to nothing more than the use of the internet or different technologies to accomplish an exact task “marketing” can be described as promoting the products or services of a business.

Digital marketing, in general, is a new method employed by businesses to contact clients and convince customers to buy their products and services. It can promote e-mail marketing, blogs, banner advertisements on websites, social media marketing, and video marketing.

Before diving in, we need to clarify the answer to a common query that everyone is asking to figure out.

Why Choose Digital Marketing?

One survey found that 63% of the world’s total population is regularly around 5B active on the internet.

In India, 658 million people are connected to the web, accounting for 47 per cent of our population. Therefore, the internet can be a huge source of information for many people.

This is the primary reason behind digital marketing. Digital marketing is also a great way to increase your sales.

Digital Marketing provides the Following Advantages:

1. Cheaper:

Advertising has historically been very costly for the company.TV stations and radio stations, as well as newspapers, cost a lot of money for advertisement. At this point, digital marketing has an affordable cost in comparison to other channels.

2. Easy to Utilize:

The most modern online marketing software is easy to use and easy to utilize. As a result, they reduce the need for effort and time. In addition, tools provide a wealth of information to help us develop a strategy to expand our customers.

3. Targeted Audience:

With digital marketing, businesses can target their marketing efforts to the right people and narrow them down based on gender, age and education.

4. Contacting Mobile Users:

In 2016, Reliance Jio provided the internet free for two years. Since then, the entire market has changed, and the internet has been more affordable till today. The internet later enabled mobile phones to be cheaper, and their use has been growing rapidly. The number is expected to increase even higher.

The study estimates that 1.2B users are using cell phones in India. Therefore, more than 750 million smartphone owners are in India, and many people can use mobiles.

Still doubt Why to Choose Digital Marketing We already wrote an article. Take a look

Let’s talk about the primary topic on which you’re here.

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Scope of Digital Marketing

  • Scope of Digital Marketing for career prospects:

If you’re interested in online marketing or digital advertising, I promise that we will address your queries.

For example, you might be wondering, “Is there a demand for digital marketing in India? “

The answer is yes!

Because the covid epidemic is the primary reason for the covid-19 outbreak, the significance of digitalization dramatically increases. We believe that people are more comfortable online. Many opt to pay via the internet when they want to conduct business. Marketing has also stated that digital marketing is in large demand.

You may still have a question “is digital marketing very competitive? “

The answer is No!

Statista estimates that there will be 4.5M people working in the software industry in India in 2022. However, the number of people who work in digital marketing is 97.7K

Digital Marketing demand

Digital marketing means less of a challenge for job applicants and could generate many jobs.

The next question is, “what do you think about salaries and jobs related to online marketing? “

Salary and jobs matter more than anything else in this blog article. If you are looking to work in Digital Marketing, this is the main aspect for you, but we will discuss this in the jobs and salary sections.

  • The scope of digital marketing for Online Businesses and for Freelancers:

  1. Freelancer

In the USA the majority of people work as freelancers. Freelancing is also very popular in Europe. It is the practice of offering your services to customers in the form of an independent. 

You can connect with global clients through digital marketing from the comfort of your home. There are many websites, such as freelancer.in or fiverr.com to earn money. You can earn thousands of rupees working as a freelancer. 

If you’re interested in becoming an independent freelancer, we’ve already
written a blog on How to be a Freelancer? in Just 5 Steps.

  2. The Online Business:

Digital marketing is the most effective method to earn money while doing less work. Digital marketing also helps to earn passive income. If you are looking to earn online, you can try these methods

          a. Earn money through Affiliate marketing:

A lot of Companies offer affiliates. Affiliate marketing allows affiliates to make a fee for promoting the products of an individual or a company.

           b. became a YouTuber:

YouTube is the king of video platforms and will be the new social media. Using digital marketing, you can become a YouTuber from A-Z

           c. Begin blogging:

A lot of people love reading blogs. Writing blogs can be an ideal way to earn money if you’ve got some brilliant ideas. Digital Marketing Also teaches you how to write your content, ensure grammar, and earn money.

           d. Earn Money From Websites

If you don’t own an online presence, don’t worry, digital marketing is here. We help you create any website in less than one-third of an hour. 

The hour in which you can rank a site for the top position and how to get users to the site. If you’ve seen a lot of traffic to your website Google itself Offers to become an AdSense member AdSense and earn lots of cash.

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What is Future Scope of Digital Marketing?

The field of digital marketing has seen a tremendous increase in the past two years. While it’s only the beginning and the future of digital marketing appears extremely promising. In addition, there’s been an increase in the use of the internet since the internet has become more affordable.

Digital marketing future Digital Marketing as a career

According to Statista, the number of active internet users will significantly increase in 15 years.

future demand of internet by digital mantrat

People can accomplish all jobs online. Many people utilize their phones to complete various tasks, like making reservations online, purchasing food on Zomato, or buying anything on the internet. 

People will be lazy and prefer to accomplish all their tasks on the internet. Therefore, there will be a lot of competitors in future brands. Brands will have to promote their products online to attract a huge public.

“Start-Up” has gained a lot of attention. “Start-Up” as a trend, which has grown at an alarming pace, is due to the rising unemployment rate and the “Shark Tank” program itself. Small-scale entrepreneurs are looking to help their businesses reach a bigger public. Digital marketing has become a crucial part.

After reading this section, the fact remains that the scope of digital marketing is a very positive future.

What Exactly Job's & Salary After Digital Marketing ?

Digital marketing is a great source of employment opportunities. Let’s talk about what job opportunities are there after digital marketing? What is the Average Salary for this type of job? And lastly, how do you find employment in digital marketing?

   1. What are the jobs available following the digital marketing revolution?
  • Digital Marketing Executive:

A digital marketing director is accountable for establishing and managing the company’s online presence. In addition, they sell the company’s products and services to boost sales.

  • Search Engine Optimizer:

Search engine optimization experts are SEO specialists. They review, analyze websites, and improve them using organic SEO methods. In addition, search engine optimization experts are proficient in creating content that uses positive keywords to boost site traffic. Therefore, it is crucial to stay current with search engines’ latest developments and trends.

  • Marketer for Search Engines/PPC:

Paid advertisements are handled by experts in search engine marketing and PPC (pay-per-click) experts. Following that, optimizing and analyzing the campaign is also performed by a search engine marketing expert.

  • Social Media Manager:

The digital marketing landscape in India is packed with potential for marketing on social media. According to the brand’s voice, social media marketers can upload photos, text messages, and videos across various sites for social media.

  • Content marketer:

A content marketer should lead everyone in the company. They are accountable for creating content that engages the audience they are targeting

  • Data Analyst:

Data analysts make up the Web development group. These experts have the primary task of managing data. Web project management, data integrity, web server security, and data analysis.

  • E-mail marketer:

The e-mail marketing professional will market commercial e-mail as per the name. Marketing via e-mail is primarily responsible for generating leads and educating people through e-mail.

   2. What is Salary for that particular job?


Job TitleSalary
Digital marketing Executive₹1.9-10 LPA
Search Engine Optimizer₹1-4 LPA
Social Media manager₹1.79-7.2 LPA
Content Marketer₹3.7-10 LPA
Email Marketer₹2.2-10 LPA
Data analyst₹1.8-6.6 LPA
Search Engine marketer₹2.5-7.3 LPA
   3. How do you get a job in Digital Marketing:

This is our primary concern regarding digital marketing job prospects. Although numerous firms offer courses in digital marketing but very few offer help with job applications.

Advert Digital Mantra is one such business that provides Advanced Digital Marketing courses at an affordable cost and provides 100% job assistance. So, why is the time? Join us for a free workshop and save 10% on our Digital Marketing Advanced Course.

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Bringing It All Together

When you read this article, it’s clear the scope of digital marketing is in great demand. The main reason for this is covid-19. The covid pandemic has largely stopped all over the world. However, there’s an increase in the new virtual world. Because of this pandemic, people are more likely to remain on the internet.

We hope that you enjoy this article and find it useful. This wrapper is for this article. Thank you for your time.

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