Best diploma courses list to get Guarantee Job in 2023 !!

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Best Diploma courses list for students to get guarantee job in 2022 !!

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Graduation guides after the 10th have become famous with students as they open up possibilities for college students to join university besides having to the 12th. Diploma courses after 10th are industry-focused and provide hands-on education in the respective area so that job looking will become easier. 

Diploma guides after 10th in India are necessary for phrases of curriculum, structure, and scope. According to the leanings, many college students desire to get admission to diploma courses after 12th.

The advantage of diploma courses is that college students can obtain complete information and competencies related to a particular float required in the industry. Due to the developing demand, a range of diploma guides have been created in India for college students who have exceeded 10th and desire to undertake a job-oriented direction early in their careers. 

Gone are the days when commencement guides after Class 10th had been treated like courses chosen by college students who had been now not top at their studies.


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In the current context, many college students and parents view diploma courses as an entry to securing early employment in more than a few fields. Another gain is that college students can additionally pursue authorities jobs after finishing their diploma programs. 

Diplomas are the very unique and expert professionals that are greater and skill-based instead of theoretical courses. There are diploma guides in Engineering, Management, Law, Finance, Commerce, Science, Medicine, etc. You can decide for them without delay after the 12th or 10th.

Why Join Diploma Courses?

  • Diploma courses provide coaching in the respective discipline so that it becomes less difficult to discover a job.
  • The benefit of diploma courses is that college students can collect complete information and abilities associated with a specially required idea in the enterprise in a shorter time.
  •  Diploma courses are practical and of brief duration.
  • Also helps college students discover internships and jobs in a shorter time as quickly as the path is completed.

Those who desire to graduate after work experience can take various brief certificates and diploma guides after the 10th to be positioned immediately in organizations. This might also no longer be the case. Students searching to add cost to their curriculum can additionally take some of the certification guides after the 10th.

List of top 5 diploma courses after 10th

a image with titled top 5 diploma courses after class 10th

1. Diploma in Graphic Design.

five options to choose course after 10th
a man designing a design on pc


The direction targets to advance the ability to the artwork of combination of snapshots and textual content, which helps college students improve an innovative strategy and realistic skills. Through the Diploma in Graphic Design, you can discover photography, 3D designs, art, graphics, jewellery, video, textiles, Printing and glass, and digital media. The route curriculum on informing a grasp of extraordinary software programs and skills.

Course duration:

 A diploma in Graphic Design is a diploma-level animation, multimedia, and video games application lasting one year.


Students can decide on greater research in Graphic Design, or they can begin working after incomes a diploma in Graphic Design. Below are the recruiting areas and possibilities that will be accessible to an applicant upon the end of the course.

  • Corporate companies
  • Training institutes
  • Television and film company
  • Design studios
  • Multimedia companies
  • Television industry
  • Advertising agencies
  • Multinationals
  • Web design
  • Marketing companies Printing and publishing

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2. Diploma in Social Media Management.


A Social Media Manager is an individual who manages a company’s social media areas and channels, such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube. It is the ability to speak of the business on social networks. 

Some of the primary duties carried out with the aid of a social media manager are reporting and monitoring social media engagement and trends, writing content material and articles, growing and handling campaigns to promote on social media and managing a junior group of workers as an assistant or social executive.

As the market is competitive, businesses appear for certified and skilled social media managers who can promote and promote the company’s service and offerings on social media. Almost every organization requires a true social media supervisor to control promotional things to do and to teach different group members. The social media field is a fast-growing industry. 

Applicants involved in growing a social media marketing campaign can decide on a profession as a social media manager. Other than that, they want to be specific with Photoshop and modifying equipment for growing classified ads and promotional banners.

Course Duration:

 The Diploma in Social Media Management is a diploma-level social media advertising direction that lasts one year.


As almost all sectors are linked to the advertising and marketing industry, many possibilities are reachable in social media marketing. Some of the job possibilities reachable for social media managers are:

  • Multinationals
  • Brand management company
  • Media houses
  • Startup
  • Advertising agencies
  • IT companies
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Social media marketing agencies

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3. Diploma in Hotel Management.

3 people are sitting in hotel one is receptionist and other two are coustomer


Students fascinated by hotel management have many choices when it comes to courses. Hotel management courses are offered at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. 

Moreover, there are no longer only diploma courses but also several diploma and certificate courses. Before selecting the course, college students should ensure that they meet the eligibility standards for that course. Not solely this, however, college students have to know what the curriculum will cover and why they are taking that unique course. 

Hotel management is an interesting area to pick after school. Candidates with correct verbal skills, pleasant personalities, proper discipline, and problem-solving skills can be excellent professional choices.

Course Duration:

 A diploma in Hotel Management is a 3-year diploma stage direction in Hotel Management.


 After finishing the hotel management course at an identified college, you can follow for a job at these hotels and begin your profession in the industry. A few of the best lodgings in India like Taj Group, Oberoi Hotels, ITC, Jaypee Group, Hilton Group, etc. Applicants will be able to observe several job profiles sent below after finishing the course in hotel management.

  • Responsible for hospitality
  • Reception manager
  • Executive Director
  • Front-office manager
  • House management supervisor
  • Hotel reception agent
  • Housekeeping manager
  • Personnel manager

4. Short-term Diploma Courses in Hair and Beauty

Two professional beautician getting ready to a women


This field is flourishing in the world as all human beings favor to seem to be properly to improve their self-assurance however additionally to current themselves properly among their arounds. 

To make this thinkable, beauticians, cosmetologists, and beauty professionals are needed. Candidates who interested for this course and study how to trim hair for fashion, have the glow on their faces, supply their hair and face spa treatments, coloring their hair, put on make-up etc. 

There are various packages that to learn of fashion and how to take care of beauty such as herbs, Ayurvedic, etc.

Course Duration:

Diploma in Hair and Beauty is an 8-month diploma course.


There are many job possibilities in this area and candidates can work in proficient salons, spa lounges, beauty parlors etc. There is a requirement for beauty specialists in beauty academies to teach. 

After taking experience, authorities can begin their personal beauty salons. Below are some jobs that beauticians can do after finishing the above courses:

  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail care artists
  • Hairdresser
  • Distributor of beauty products
  • Salon sales consultant
  • Makeup artist
  • Manufacturer’s sales representative
  • Stylist for fashion shows
  • Cosmetology instructor
  • Writer of beauty magazines

5. Diploma in Commercial Art

3 people watching commercial art


In this field is an entry-level certification in the Fine Arts domain. Students are geared up with primary expertise and capabilities in the subject. Students can decorate their abilities and information in their respective domains with the aid of joining basic stage courses. 

The course generally purposes to supply to students with realistic stage abilities in the subject with the theoretical awareness of the same.

Course Duration:

Diploma in business artwork over the course of 1 year.


Diploma in Fine Arts for students has many profession choices to select from. You can pick out from areas such as picture design, flash animation, teaching, artwork officer, archeology, etc. in phrases of career. To supply you with a complete view of the profession possibilities of the path. 

we have introduced some areas and corresponding connected roles in which Persian language graduates can are seeking for in profession terms:

  • Graphic
  • Animator
  • Art Liaison Officer
  • Archaeologist
  • Teacher

Bringing It All Together

 After completing 10th or 12th, students want to take admission in respective fields. For that they are search or collect information for their career. That purpose, we will share some diploma courses which help them to choose for further studies and will assist the students according to their interest. 

These diploma courses can help them to complete their studies in less time period and find the jobs in their respective fields as early as possible. After graduation students can enroll for short term certification courses.

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