Best Diploma Courses List for Students to Get a 200% Job in 2021!

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Graduation courses after 10th grade have become popular with students as they open up opportunities for students to enroll in college without having to complete the 12th grade. Diploma courses after 10th are industry-focused and offer hands-on training in the respective field so that job hunting becomes easier. Diploma courses after 10th place in India are very important in terms of curriculum, structure, and scope. According to the latest trends, a large number of students want to get admission to diploma courses after 12th.

The benefit of diploma courses is that students can gain comprehensive knowledge and skills associated with a specific flow required in the industry. Due to the growing demand, a variety of diploma courses have been created in India for students who have passed Class 10 and wish to undertake a job-oriented course early in their careers. Gone are the days when graduation courses after Class 10 were treated like courses chosen by students who were not good at their studies.

In the contemporary context, many students and parents view diploma courses as a gateway to securing early employment in various fields. Another benefit is that students can also pursue government jobs after completing their degree programs. Diplomas are highly specific and professional courses that are more practical and skill-based rather than theoretical courses. There are diploma courses in Engineering, Management, Law, Finance, Commerce, Science, Medicine, etc. You can opt for them directly after the 12th or 10th.

Why Join Diploma Courses?

  • Diploma courses offer training in the respective field so that it becomes easier for a student to find a job.
  • The advantage of diploma courses is that students can acquire comprehensive knowledge and skills associated with a specifically required flow in the industry in a shorter period of time.
  • Diploma courses are practical and of short duration.
  • Also helps students find internships and jobs in a shorter period of time as soon as the course is completed.

For those who wish to decide to graduate after work experience, they can take several short-term certificates and diploma courses after 10 to be placed directly in reputable organizations. This may not just be the case. Students looking to add value to their curriculum can also take some of the certification courses after the 10th.

So here are the top 5 Diploma courses list after class 10th.

Diploma Courses in Graphic Designing.


The course aims to develop the art or skill of combining images and text which helps students develop a creative approach and practical skills. Through the Diploma in Graphic Design, you can explore topics such as photography, 3D design, art, graphics, jewelry, video, textiles, printing and glass, and digital media. The course curriculum focuses on imparting an understanding of different software and computer skills.

Course duration:

Diploma in Graphic Design is a diploma-level animation, multimedia, and games program lasting 1 year.


Students can opt for higher studies in Graphic Design or they can start working after earning a degree in Graphic Design. Below are the recruiting areas and opportunities that will be available to a candidate upon completion of the course.

  • Corporate companies
  • Training institutes
  • Television and film company
  • Design studios
  • Multimedia companies
  • Television industry
  • Advertising agencies
  • Multinationals
  • Web design
  • Marketing companies Printing and publishing

Diploma in Social Media Management.

social media optimization


A Social Media Manager is a person who manages a company’s social media accounts and channels such as Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. It is the voice of the company on social networks. Some of the main tasks performed by a social media manager are reporting and monitoring social media engagement and trends, writing engaging content and articles, developing and managing campaigns to promote the brand on social media, and managing of junior staff work as an assistant or social executive.

As the market is competitive, companies look for qualified and experienced social media managers who can promote and advertise the company’s products and services on social media. Almost every company requires a good social media manager to manage promotional activities and to train other team members. A career as a social media manager is fraught with challenges as Digital Marketing and the social media industry are fast-paced industries. Candidates interested in creating and running a social media campaign can opt for a career as a social media manager. Other than that, they need to be good with Photoshop and other editing tools for creating advertisements and promotional banners.

Course Duration:

The Social Media Management Diploma is a diploma-level social media marketing course that lasts for 1 year.


As almost all sectors are connected to the marketing industry, there are many opportunities available in social media marketing. Some of the job opportunities available for social media managers are in:

  • Multinationals
  • Brand management company
  • Media houses
  • Startup
  • Advertising agencies
  • IT companies
  • Digital marketing agencies
  • Education
  • Telecommunications
  • Social media marketing agencies

Diploma in Hotel Management.


Students interested in hotel management have many options when it comes to courses. Hotel management courses are available at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels. Furthermore, there are not only degree courses, but also various diploma and certificate courses. Before choosing a hotel management course, students must ensure that they meet the eligibility criteria for that particular course. Not only this, but students should also have an understanding of what the course curriculum will include and why they are taking that particular course. Hotel management is a challenging but interesting field to choose after school. For candidates who have good communication skills, charming personality, good discipline, and problem-solving skills, it can prove to be the best career choice.

Course Duration:

Diploma in Hotel Management is a 3-year diploma level course in Hotel Management.


After completing your hotel management course at a recognized college, you can apply for a job at these hotels and start your career in the industry. A few of the most reputable hotels in India are Taj Group, Oberoi Hotels, ITC, Jaypee Group, Hilton Group, etc. Applicants will be able to apply to the various job profiles provided below after completing a program in hotel management.

  • Responsible for hospitality
  • Reception manager
  • Executive Director
  • Front-office manager
  • House management supervisor
  • Hotel reception agent
  • Housekeeping manager
  • Personnel manager

Short-term Diploma Courses in Hair and Beauty.


This industry is booming around the world as all people want to look good not only to boost their confidence but also to present themselves well among their peers. To make this possible, beauticians, cosmetologists, and beauty experts are needed. Candidates who sign up for this program learn how to cut and style people’s hair, keep the glow on their faces, give their hair and face spa treatments, color their hair, put on makeup and makeup people, etc. There are several programs that cover different aspects of beauty care such as herbs, Ayurvedic, etc.

Course Duration:

Diploma in Hair and Beauty is an 8-month diploma course.


There are many job options in this field and applicants can work in professional salons, spa lounges, beauty centers, etc. There is a requirement for beauty experts in beauty academies to train budding beauticians. After gaining experience, professionals can also start their own beauty salons. Below are some jobs that beauticians can do after completing the above courses:

  • Cosmetologist
  • Nail care artists
  • Hairdresser
  • Distributor of beauty products
  • Salon sales consultant
  • Makeup artist
  • Manufacturer’s sales representative
  • Stylist for fashion shows
  • Cosmetology instructor
  • Writer of beauty magazines

Diploma in Commercial Art.


The course is an entry-level certification in the Fine Arts domain. Students are equipped with basic knowledge and skills in relation to the subject. Students can enhance their skills and knowledge in their respective domains by attending long-term bachelor’s and master’s level courses. The course mainly aims to provide students with practical level skills in the subject together with the theoretical understanding of the same.

Course Duration:

Diploma in commercial art over the course of 1 year.


Diploma in Fine Arts students has many career options to choose from. You can choose from areas such as graphic design, flash animation, teaching, art officer, archeology, etc. in terms of career. To provide you with a holistic view of the career prospects of the course we have presented some areas and respective related roles in which Persian language graduates can seek in career terms.

  • Graphic
  • Animator
  • Art Liaison Officer
  • Archaeologist
  • Teacher

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