how to attract more customers this quarantine

How to attract more customers this quarantine

Are you losing the engagement?
Have you noticed that your target audience is losing interest in you?
It’s time to create immersive experiences and allows your target audience to interact with your business.

Let me tell you why this happens

The Internet contains vast amounts of content. Currently, there are about 4.4 billion internet users, all of whom contribute online content on a daily basis.

Since there is so much content online today, it has become difficult for companies to keep the attention of their target audience. Trends in content marketing come and go so fast that it’s hard to keep up with it.

The only trend for content marketing that seems to remain for some time is interactive content. B2B and B2C companies enjoy their benefits in increasing brand awareness and target audience engagement rates.

B2C companies support the educational value of interactive content, as follows:
  • 93% of marketers agree that interactive content is more effective at educating customers than static content
  • 88% of marketers say interactive content helps them differentiate their business from their competitors due to its tremendous educational value
  • Since interactive content provides an immersive experience, 81% of marketers agree that it attracts attention more effectively than static content

The only trend for content marketing that seems to remain for some time is interactive content. B2B and B2C companies enjoy their benefits in increasing brand awareness and target audience engagement rates.

B2B companies agree with the fact that interactive content offers greater value to the target audience, noting also the following:
  • Interactive content generates 2 times more conversions than static content
  • They get 5 times the page views with the interactive content
  • 79% will reuse interactive content again because it has great value from potential customers
  • Of course, interactive content is harder and more expensive to produce, which is why many companies are still on the safe side of the road, but they inevitably lose participation.

Another reason why B2B and B2C companies speak in favour of interactive content is that it is relatively global. For example, you can use an interactive video in different types of marketing campaigns, and still capture the attention of your target audience.

So, what are the best ways to use interactive content to attract the necessary audiences?

Start a quiz and put out more original content

Many online brands create custom experiences for their customers based on interactive tests. The beauty job, an online haircare brand, is one of those brands.

When someone signs up for their brand website, they are invited to take a test to help the brand learn their hair care habits. The test results directly affect the formula that the product will eventually contain

As a result, the beauty job not only tries to grab the attention of its target audience through a random test but also runs a test as part of a customer’s journey to make their experience more personalized and ensure that the brand meets the needs of its customers.

Tests are also a very common type of interactive content to direct traffic to your website. One of the best examples of using tests for this purpose is BuzzFeed, a well-known American media company. Their exams provide 3% of the total traffic to their website, with thousands of people taking their exams every day.

The mantra is – Go Interactive!

It is true that it takes time and effort to develop an interactive content strategy. You have to consider how well your marketing campaign needs correspond to the needs of your target audience, whose insight will give you an idea, and the type of content you will share in your marketing campaign.

In general, every business can find the type of interactive content that best suits their needs. As you can see, tests and interactive videos can be used to educate and customize the user experience, as well as to engage and entertain the target audience.

So, don’t fall behind and start taking advantage of the benefits that interactive content gives you this quarantine season. It will take longer to develop interactive content, but the posting and positive comments you’ll receive are definitely worth it.

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