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One of the most common questions SEO newcomers ask is how to become an SEO expert? or how to become a SEO analyst?

Although there are many ways to become an SEO Expert or Analyst, the right path is hidden from newcomers.

Many people think they are now SEO experts after learning the basics. This thought is false.

Becoming an SEO Specialist is impossible by simply taking a course. Then how to become a SEO specialist? Here is the answer – You must master this skill to become a professional SEO specialist.

It takes much effort to become an SEO Expert. You will need patience and proper guidance.

Before we go deep, let us find out

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Who are SEO experts? They are responsible for what?

Before jumping into How to become an SEO Expert? Let’s see who are SEO Experts.

An SEO specialist is a person who leads the optimization of a website to archive a higher rank in Search Engine Rankings.

  • Roles:

SEO specialists will identify strategies to increase website visitors and rank highly on Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

  • Responsibility:

  1. Performing ongoing keyword research and finding keyword opportunities
  2. Optimizing landing pages and webpages according to search engine guidelines
  3. Researching and implementing content for the website.

The Demand for SEO Experts

Before discussing how to become SEO analyst, Lets have a look into demand for SEO Experts.

SEO professional are in high demand because companies practices SEO to be in the race with their competitors.

If you are looking to pursue your career in SEO, then its a good choice. SEO job promises both excitement and growth.

Expertise in SEO: How to enter the field

Here is an answer for How to become an SEO Analyst? Following are some common ways to enter the field:

  • Take an Advanced Digital Marketing Course.
  • Grab an internship opportunity in Digital Marketing Agency.
  • Learn SEO Side by Side on your website.
  • Serve Some Clients for Free.
  • Create your portfolio and update it regularly.

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Become an SEO Expert: Required Skills

White texure background image with context required skills to become an SEO expert How to become an seo expert

In the above two points, we discussed the role and responsibilities of an SEO Analyst and what steps we should follow to become an SEO Expert.

At this point, we will discuss some skills that every SEO expert should hold while they are searching for How to become SEO Analyst:

    • Capability to find the perfect keyword for that respective website.
    • Where to add a keyword in the webpage and density of keyword like (Keyword prominence, proximity, density, etc.)
    • Basic understanding of HTML and CSS.
    • Good at Content Formation Skills.
    • Good at visual content, e.g., Video and infographics.
    • Have the potential to get links from the High Authority website in Short Link Building Skill.
    • Should update about SEO Trends and Google’s Algorithms.

Dominate SEO: Steps to follow

White texure background image shows the path about how to do SEO for website to become SEO expert easily. there are 5 steps to do SEO of the page are depicted properly with back bullet

If you are still here and looking for how to become a SEO specialist, it seems clear that you’re serious about SEO, so here are some Steps to follow to become an SEO Expert.

1. Keyword Research:

Keyword research is always the first step in doing SEO. If you are thinking how to become an SEO expert, then you should also think of Keyword research strategies.

 It is a must job for every SEO expert to find a keyword that has high search volume and low competition.

A keyword is one of the essential factors when you are doing SEO for any website. If you choose the correct keywords, you’ll be able to rank top on SERP.

2. Content Writing:

The importance of content in any website is that you cannot rank on top without Content Marketing.

Whether your website is well optimized or not, if your content justifies that keyword, you will get a higher ranking; however, you lose your ranking even if your website is well optimized. Remember, “If SEO is Kingdom, then Content is King of that Kingdom.”

3. Content Optimization:

After Writing killer Content, it is a must duty for SEO Experts to Optimize the Content. “If the content is the king of SEO kingdom, then the optimization of Content is Crown of that King.”

Content optimization is that

  • Checking the keyword prominence, proximity and density
  • Converting enormous paragraphs into small pieces of paragraph
  • Checking grammar to avoid misleading search engines.

4. Technical Optimization:

When the word SEO Comes, most people think it is about on-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

 However, the term technical itself is very underrated and essential as well. Technical SEO is used to improve user experience.

Imagine a scene when you have to decide to show your friend content that you published on your website. However, when you open your website, it is loading and still loading how that scene is embarrassing.

The reason behind this is your website is not optimized technically.

5. Link Building:

We can compare link building to any county’s foreign alliance. Any country is as strong as its foreign alliance. If any country has an alliance with the USA Country itself, then the power of that country automatically increases.

The same situation is in link building; if your website has a backlink from High Authority websites like Wikipedia, Medium, Quora, etc., then the search engine will consider your website as an authorized website and improve your ranking. An SEO analyst must try to get a high-authority website.    

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Experience and Practice for SEO Expert:

A white texture background image about how get experience in SEO to become SEO expert

No one can notice your expertise when you do not have any portfolio. All knowledge is similar to waste when it is not implemented practically.

So, while asking how to become SEO specialist, remember it is crystal clear that you need to have some experience, but the question is how to acquire experience. So, the answer is here, and we have given some tips to follow.

1. Make your website:

Let us assume that you are working with an SEO company and doing SEO for a website. So, if you have any ideas and want to perform any experiment on the website, the company will not be allowed you to do it for sure.

On the company website, you have some restrictions. However, if you have your website, no one can restrict you from experimenting on a website.

You can do whatever you want on your website. So, you do not need any permission from your boss. By owning a website, you can particle your SEO skills, and it helps you to become an SEO analyst.

2. Serve Some Clients:  


Starting with freelancing is not accessible 90% of businesses reject you to give your first project, but some small businesses will show faith in you and give you an SEO project.

It is time to get some experience, so do not think about money after serving some clients successfully. You get much more experience than you need to get.

3. Work with Marketing Agency:

In the above example, I said that marketing agencies do not allow you to do any experiments, but working with them has advantages.

A Digital Marketing agency will guide & try to make you an SEO Expert. They do not allow you to experiment, but they allow you to express your idea. The advantage of working with a Digital Marketing Agency is that you will learn advanced tactics they use to rank, and you will be able to stay updated with not only SEO but also the digital world.

If you have some internship opportunities, don’t let them grab your opportunities.

So that is Wrap for this blog “How to become an SEO Expert”. I hope I deliver you my best.    

It's All Here

After reading this entire blog about how to become an SEO specialist, one thing is crystal clear Becoming SEO Specialist is not an easy thing.

No one can become an SEO expert by just completing a course.  So the here is a brief answer for “How to become an SEO Expert”. You need to acquire some practical knowledge and skills for sure. The given tips will help you to acquire knowledge about how to become an SEO analyst.

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