How To Make Money Online For Free In India

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How To Make Money Online For Free In India

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Quick Links

Making money online for free: Many people believe that making money online is a risky choice It could be fake or even a Scam.

It’s just not true; however, many people believe they can earn a decent amount of money online in the starting phase. However, none of it is that they don’t need any knowledge to earn a large amount of money.

However, that’s not the case.

Let me clarify: Making Money Online for Free is Possible, but it’s not an easy task and takes time to earn money.

If you’re looking to earn money online quickly, you’re in the wrong place.

A fact that I’d like to share with you all is that most “online data entry jobs” are fake, which is why I didn’t include this option on our list.

In this list, I have included only the most reliable methods I have tried before.

In this blog, I’ll show you some ways to make money online for Free. It would be best if you had a laptop or mobile and a Good Internet Connection. You’ll be able to apply the following ways.

So let’s begin,

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1. Earn Money Through Google Adsense

a google adsense image with adsense logo and text "Google adsense" to Earn money online for free trough google adsense

If you have much traffic on your website, you can earn money from that using Google AdSense.

 Google AdSense is easy to install and will also give each month ₹40,0000, based on the amount of traffic you receive on your website.

The ad’s on your website is look like as follow’s this is screenshot of Search Engine Journal ‘s  Page with Ad’s. The ad’s that’s shown in your site is spotted in red Circle

a screenshot of search engine journal blog page which show google adsense ad's on their blogs
Screenshot From Search Engine Journal blog page with Ad's

You don’t know how to implement AdSense on your website, so here we go. Firstly, Google gives you a unique code, and that code you have to paste on your website. After that will start analysing the amount of traffic and the bounce rates on your websites and all other technical things.

Setting up Google AdSense is free – you have to log in to Google AdSense with the email ID you have created/connected to your website.

2. Earn Using Affiliate Marketing

a cycle with the process of how make money from online for free

Through Affiliate Marketing, you are a partner of companies and brands within the content on your site.

Suppose you refer to a particular item or service. In that case, you’re associated with that product or service by using a unique code that was provided when you signed up for this affiliate program.

You will earn cash every time someone buys the product or service through your hyperlink.

One alternative would be to sign up for an affiliate network that provides a variety of affiliates at once. This way, you’ll be able to determine which things work and which don’t.

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3. Back to basic Blogging

what blog are actually look like in various device like desktop, tablet and smart phone

Above methods are giving money after your website gets decent traffic, but the cause of traffic that comes to your website is blogging.

In blogging, you must tell additional information about your respective industry. You can use blogging to tell your ideas about your industry to make real connections with people. Right Now you’re reading our Blog.

Blogging is the best way to drive quality traffic to your website. After all, people come to your website to get knowledge through blogs. After that, you will be able to show them ads using AdSense and Convince them to purchase a product from your Affiliate Link.

For writing a blog, you need to get knowledge about content writing using your targeted keywords.

How to earn online through blogging is not as simple as you think. There are some algorithms of Google that you need to take into consideration and also need Content Writing Skills and Tricks to engage audience.

As people search for information and solutions in their local languages, they also require answers in their native tongues. Nowadays, Google favors local languages because most searches are done in the local language.

Therefore, there is no room for doubt because if you are skilled in Marathi, Hindi, Bengali, or Gujarati, you can start writing and earn money online. This is pretty cool.

4. Be a online Consultant

a teacher consulting a student online

Another way to make money online for free is by consulting. You will likely find clients willing to pay you for advice about their business or personal goals if you are an expert in your field.

 You might think you aren’t significant enough to consult with big companies, but you might be surprised by the types of expertise people pay.

With the low cost of communications and technology, you can communicate with anyone worldwide.

As mentioned above, if you already earn money online with Kindle Books, affiliate marketing, or your information products, you might want to consider adding online training and consulting as an income source.

5. get Sponsored on social media

image of Instagram to be a influancer

We Indians always gossip like Virat Kohli takes 5 Cr Rs. to post an Instagram post or Football legend Cristiano Ronaldo charged ₹12 Cr for his Post on Instagram. And that’s our next point: to make money online for free and get sponsored on social media.

To get sponsored by brands, you need many followers, likes, and comments. Too after getting this, brands will collaborate with you and give you much amount, respectively, with your followers or your likes on Instagram and Facebook.

Also, you can do affiliate marketing through your social media and earn a very high amount of money through your social media

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6. Freelancing Is Essential Step

a freelancer showing thumbs up which is earning money online

This is another best option to make money online that’s. If you’re well skilled in your profession, you will do a Freelancing.

The benefit of freelancing is you are self-dependent. No one forced you to do work; in short, you will be your boss. Many websites like & provide freelancing projects, but to get a project, you’ll need the best profile.

Now the question is what sector should i choose to be a freelancer? my suggestion to you choose a digital marketing sector as a freelancer because Digital Marketing has a huge Scope for Freelancer in upcoming years. Other industry allow you to be a technical person or creative person unlike other industry digital marketing allows you to work with both way Technical & Creative. 

Want to become a freelancer? Let me help you to become a freelancer in just few steps.

7. Earn Trough YouTube

Earn money trough youtube

Video is the future of social media; no one wants to read lengthy text; now, everyone wants to watch a video. That’s why you tube’s future is very bright.

If you want to make online money through YouTube, you need to create a YouTube channel; the process of blogging and YouTube is very similar; you need to grow your channel after you get a decent number of subscribers as well as watching time, likes, comments will also matter to monetize your channel once your channel gets monetize YouTube shows ads in your videos, and you can earn money through AdSense. After getting many views, you’ll be able to do affiliate marketing for many brands and earn a lot of money from that.

That’s why YouTube is the best platform to make money online for free in India.

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8. Testing Beta App's & Website's

a smartphone with various apps

That’s my personal favourite in this way, you don’t need any special skills or money.

I don’t know what a beta app or beta website? let me tell you: beta means ready to serve. Many huge brands want to launch their new app on the real market, but they don’t want to give a poor user interface or any bugs to their app; they want to test this app before they publish it.

Your job is simple to use their app and tell them their mistakes or any bug or improvement in the user interface from as user’s perspective, and they will pay you to use their app in the early stage; the same case is on beta-website.

You can able to make money online for free in India using beta apps & beta-website

9. Do a job in Content Writing

a man writing a content for blog

If you are confident that you will write an article that can rank on Google, then you’re most welcome as a content writer. Much Digital Marketing agency has employed part-time content writer.

But you need to know detailed content writing, like how to implement the keyword in the article, your grammar skills, your fluency in writing, and your engaging content that hold people to read the article. If you want to learn more about content marketing, we have already written a blog.

Bringing it All Together

After reading this entire blog, that’s neat and clear that you need hard work in your early stage to get results after you create an empire on the online platform.

All Ways need to give attention in the early stage. And at last, content is a kingmaker in your journey. That’s the wrap for this article

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