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How to write a good article

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Creative writing is an open-minded skill where we describe words from the world of imagination. The different types of creative writing are Essays, journals, Blogging, Speeches, etc. To write creatively, we must keep our mind relax content should be self-expressive and original, not copied. 

A news article cannot be treated as creative writing because its main objective is to present facts and not express the emotions of the author. The primary goal of creative writing is to make readers pleasant, peaceful, and joyful. 

Create a content in such a way the reader will get attached with it emotionally that person will motivate other persons to read it. As you start writing creatively, there will be an improvement in your grammar plus vocabulary.

 Also, you will learn to express your feelings or opinions and share your perspective without limitations. From designing phrases for advertising to write slogans for products or even designing brand names, creative writing is fruitful in business. 

Creative writing improves logical thinking, develops creative thoughts, suggests alternatives, also increases problem-solving abilities. If you want to try your hand at creative writing, keep in mind that, whether you are trying to express a feeling or a thought, the first step is to use your imagination.

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Creative writing helps to remove innermost feelings it develops your analytical and critical faculties. Personal memoirs and essays, for example, can be creatively written to inform your readers about your life in an expressive way.Since these types are written in the first person, it is easier for them to be creative.

Techniques Used in Creative Content Writing include:
  • Character development
  • Development of the plot
  • Underlying theme
  • Point of view
  • Dialogue
  • Anecdotes
  • Metaphors and similes
  • Figures of speech
  • Imaginative language
  • Emotional appeal
  • Heavy description
Reading a blog and Google search is not enough to become a creative content writer that is why most people, who really want to become experts in content Writers take help from content writing courses.Let’s take a look at some different types of creative writing. As you read the list, write down the types of writing you have experienced and the types you would like to try.

1. Digital Content Writer

a man writing a content for blog

Content writing is the way to convey to the audience by creating meaningful, useful, and helpful messages to inspire and attract business. In this writing, there are blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms.

  • First to find a good topic on which we can express our thoughts and related problems and solution for that content.
  • Using the keyword research tools we can find effective keywords related to content that will help to increase or improve rank our website’s rank.
  • The content must be written according to readers’ mindset so that they will read with curiosity and to gain more attention we can include images or videos to make them a better understanding.
  • There should be the use of headings,sub-headings, and paragraphs so that readers won’t get bored, and also we can use bullet points to focus attention on writing.
  • The content should be unique and it is important to use the latest SEO content strategies.
  • Good quality content is 30% of the writing and 70% of editing. Whatever content you’re working on, make sure to proofread and edit it properly. 

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2. Readable Blogging

what blog are actually look like in various device like desktop, tablet and smart phone

Blogging is a technology that displays content on the Internet for others to read. Before you write your blog post, make sure you choose a pleasant topic. 

Enhance it by adding images and avoiding the repetition of paragraphs. On the other hand, blogs that write about opinions or storytelling use creative writing extensively. Using idioms and metaphors, we can add magic to writing. 

It has the power to make our writing full of interesting and funny! So always keep a list of idioms and metaphors in front of you while writing. A blog can help you boost brand awareness and credibility and drive traffic to your website.

Various authors, journalists, and celebrities write blogs to share their views. In our content, we should ask questions so that readers can take more interest, which will motivate them to read our content. Use stories in the content because stories create a connection between the reader and us. Stories grab the attention and bring out the emotion.

an white backgrounded infographic abut how to write a good article in this image we discussed about 8 steps to write an brilliant content

3. Advertising and Marketing

advanced digital marketing course

Content is the way to target the audience, so content writing plays a crucial role in marketing and advertising. To make connections with customers, content must be unique and creative. 

Creating informative articles, attention-grabbing blog posts, and also high-quality content can generate the traffic of customers. Good content attracts many followers, and writing content requires an immense amount of creativity. 

Additionally, content has become king in the digital marketing world. Making the use of trending hashtags, slogans, powerful headings and capable of holding the reader’s attention are the qualities of creative content writing for the advertisement.

Advertising and Marketing both fields making the use of content writing to explore their business on a large scale. Consideration must take that plagiarism is avoided when writing the content and this is where creative writing comes in and the image for which the writer will write the same article by doing extensive research on it but writing it in his own words.

4. SEO Copywriter

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SEO copywriting is creating search engine friendly so that it can improve the website ranking. Here, we create content for the web using keyword research. The top SEO copywriting tools are Keyword Magic Tool, Topic Research, Organic Research, On page SEO Chaker and SEO content template. 

SEO copywriter writes content that is informative, interesting, and relevant. Create content in such a way, i.e. the headline, words, and paragraphs cause readers to take a specific action.

    • use digital research tools to identify search trends and then create content that optimizes search results.
    • develop optimized content for blogs, social media, white papers, ebooks, retail sites, and more

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5. Freelance Writer

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As a freelance writer, you will showcase your excellent writing skills on a variety of key projects. You will come to:

  • develop ideas and write engaging content that aligns with our brand strategy and meets the needs and interests of our multiple stakeholders
  • collaborate with team members to develop content that fosters the engagement of internal and external users
  • Research and interview key stakeholders and subject experts

Tell the stories of our company, employees, and customers in ways that expand our brand presence, inform and engage, and help achieve our business goals

How to Become Content Writer?

Content writing is the form of writing in various fields, such as blogging, advertising, websites, and also in businesses. After 12th aspirants can become content writers, there is no requirement of a specialized degree or course. 

If any student has to become professional in this course, then you can do graduation preferably with English as a major subject. To become a successful content writer, you must know grammar, vocabulary skills, researching, the ability to think out of the box, and time management. 

There are types of content writers such as Technical Content Writer, Freelance Content Writer, Ghost Writers, and many others. You can do the online/offline courses also on various platforms, such as Udemy Content Writing Course (Online), Coursera, and offline academies at multiple locations.

The essential skills to become a content writer are adaptability, time management, problem-solving, grammar and vocabulary, and research skills. In content writing, you will get to write on different subjects like industry-related topics, environment-related, business, etc. 

The newly trending content- writing Job opportunities have given the path to students to make their career in this field without giving much effort like other courses.

Content Writing Courses Career and job Opportunities

Creative writing as a career is very diverse and offers numerous opportunities for students and aspiring content writers. 

Listed below are some of the more popular and recommended professions that could be pursued to build a stable career in content writing. These careers also carry risks of failure and require as much hard work and dedication as any other profession. 

This is for people who want to know about opportunities and really want to build a career as a content writer. There are a lot of job opportunities like Copywriters, Technical Writers, Editors, Brand Journalists, Social Media Specialists, Curriculum Designer, and many other.

Content Writing pay scale

The salary scale or salary of a creative writer is determined by various factors such as the experience of the content writers, the brand value of the organization, the state/city in which the content writer is employed. 

The average salary of a content writer is between 13.900 / – rupees and 50.600 / – rupees at the beginning. With experience, the average salary of a content writer may or may not exceed the 50,000 / – barrier which depends on several factors.

Bringing it All together

There are so many job roles available for content writers and you can become professional in this field by practicing. 

Content writing is the field where you can improve your grammar skills as well as your thinking capacity. There are so many platforms available on Google to learn how to write content effectively. 

If you are a beginner you need to join content writing courses for basic knowledge.  

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