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It starts here- Keyword Research

Content writing – As with most of our campaigns, the success of this project is built on the foundation of strong research and keyword strategy.

For proper keyword research, there are three main areas that need evaluation, including:

  • Traffic labels and keywords for your website and content.
  • The Traffic rankings for the keywords and keywords for the main competitors’ site and content.
  • Traffic rankings for keywords and keywords for content/search competitors, (those who are not direct competitors, but compete with you for visibility in SERPs). Content Writing

The last point here – analyzing keywords for search competitors – is an important step that is often overlooked.

Even if the site does not sell similar products or services like you, but it is competing for the property itself in the search results, it is a search competitor and someone you need to pay attention to while performing a keyword search. Content Writing

While analyzing your and competitors ’sites, you should look for the best opportunities to quickly start ranking.

Your best chances will be relatively competitive keywords and phrases – based on backlink numbers and ranking range authority – and high search volumes.

Content Writing

One of the tools we want to use while searching for keywords is SEMrush, as it provides useful information such as:

  • Total Number of Visits: This metric represents the total number of visits each keyword incurs on driving to the specified site.
  • Total Search Volume: This metric shows the amount of monthly search volume for each keyword associated with a specific URL or page.
  • Average Position: This metric is the average position for a given URL or page with respect to related keywords.

Keyword Driven Content

Within Excel, we were able to filter the data of competing keywords to the pages with the top 20 rankings and analyze related keywords.

Through this process, we discovered that our partner’s competitors were leading a large portion of their organic visits with high-level definition content – we immediately started creating similar content for our customers. Content Writing

On aggregate, the gains we’ve been able to make for this client have supported an overall increase of ~50,000 monthly organic visitors.

This all demonstrates the power of keyword-driven content.


The keyword-focused content we created for this client has been extremely effective in terms of achieving keyword rankings and earning organic traffic.

However, this success is due to the collective effort of both the agency and the client, and this could not be achieved without the participation and cooperation of our partner.

This is a critical point and if you have the only takeaway from this article, then I want it to be: Successful SEO cannot be silenced.

There should be real partnerships, collaboration and trust between all teams involved in website marketing (be it agency, client, internal SEO team, internal content team, individually responsible for SEO and the rest of the digital marketing team, etc.).

Regarding our project, the cooperation was manifested in the form of training and educational materials provided by the client, which enabled us to create more technical content “How” which was complementary to the success of his blog.

In fact, this customer not only got attention in research, but other marketers also noticed that he was recently nominated and won awards based on the quality of his content! None of this would have been possible if we were isolated, working in a silo. Instead, we collaborate often, strategize together, and work toward a shared goal to achieve tremendous results.

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Content writing is the process of planning, writing and editing web content, typically for digital marketing purposes. It can include writing blog posts and articles, scripts for videos and podcasts, as well as content for specific platforms, such as tweetstorms on Twitter or text posts on Reddit.

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