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Learn Digital marketing while you are quarantine – The first thing that hits your mind when you are sitting at home and doing nothing! I know that thing sucks but hey you can look at the positive side. Yes, I have written down some things that you should definitely learn digital marketing while you are quarantine.

Learn Digital marketing while you are quarantine

Planning to delete Facebook?

delete facebook

NO just Don’t do that because as you see Facebook has acquired so many platforms including Instagram and WhatsApp. Most of the business companies have come down to this platform just to promote their product and guess what their sales have been hiked since then. So you need to learn Facebook marketing while you are quarantine.

Learn Digital marketing while you are quarantine
You can utilize your time by learn digital marketing while you are quarantine. The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) may have forced Facebook to adjust some of its targeting capabilities, but it’s still by far the most advanced advertising platform available to marketers today.

In fact, e-commerce clickthrough rates have tripled in the past two years, and Facebook posts represent 19% of consumer buying decisions, making them the most impactful social platforms. (Yes, we were surprised too).
Do you have to delete Facebook? Yes, if you plan to delete your business this year.

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Trying to be an Influencer?

Did you know that 70% of Millennials said they are influenced by their peers ’recommendations in purchasing decisions? What about the fact that 49% of consumers rely on product recommendations from influencers? (Via group bias)
Yes, influential marketing is something that should not be overlooked in 2019, but your approach may need to change.

Consider using dozens of micro or nano effects (less than 50,000 followers) instead of putting all of your eggs in the total effects basket (500,000 followers +). Through our experience examining hundreds of influencers, those who are considered to be ultrafine or nanostructured have a depth in their engagement that brands seek to achieve measurable results. Want to learn in-depth about how to start influencer marketing? Get in touch with us & learn digital marketing while you are quarantine.

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Start your IGTV


If you’re not familiar with IGTV, the platform was released as a standalone app by Instagram earlier this year with the idea of limiting the long vertical video space. On its surface, this was a great game against Snapchat who presented original content in the long video, however, it was poorly executed, designed and user experience.

Learn Digital marketing while you are quarantine
In our opinion, daily users are not ready to watch long videos in vertical format either. Combined flaws have resulted in disappointing release without anyone being too enthusiastic about it. Even Gary Vaynerchuk, social media and personal brand expert, issues his videos in landscape format on the platform which forces users to “switch their phones” initially to his videos.

Learn Digital marketing while you are quarantine
So do we care? Yes and no. Although we think this might be a premature release, don’t be surprised if the app pops up in 2020.

Learn More about Search Engine Marketing because:

According to Internet Live Stats, over 3.5 billion searches are performed daily on Google alone. The location of direction finding, problem-solving, and trivia at the dinner table remains an essential component of our daily life.

Here are a few scenarios for you.
Someone saw your Facebook ad 17 times, but couldn’t remember your name. They go to Google and write keywords they remember you with. What happens when your opponent appears?

John has a problem to solve your product or service. Where does he go to learn more about solving his problem?
I just applied for a job, and Google’s recruiter is your name. What do you want them to see?
Look above and replace the recruiter with your latest match.
Jane is looking for a unique team-building experience for her marketing department. Where does it look?

Google, which holds 71% of the search market share, is a great way to market and advertise your brand. On average, commercial investment invests in Google ads with a 200% return on investment, so yes, Google is definitely still effective. Invest your time by learning digital marketing while you are quarantine

Learn audio editing and podcasts

audio editing and podcast

This year, 124 million Americans heard a podcast, 12 million more than in 2019, according to an article written by Persuasion and Conversion. The same article boasts that more than a quarter of Americans listen to podcasts daily, and ⅓ of Americans aged 25 to 54 listen to podcasts monthly.
Does this mean that you should start a podcast?

Learn online marketing while you are quarantine
Why the hell no. It is relatively easy to start, and in my own experience, it was the easiest and easiest way to create content. Keep in mind that it’s still very difficult to get accurate data about the growth of your podcast, but if your cards play correctly, it can be a great network tool.
If creating a podcast isn’t something of your own, consider searching for podcasts inside your place, (with over 600,000 podcasts on iTunes, there will be one), and contacting the host to be a guest in their program. With the massive audio broadcast, you want to make sure your message is heard.

Learn Online marketing while you are lockdown

so these were some things which I gave you an overview of! Want to learn in deep about this? Check out our website where we train you from the basic. Digital mantra academy will be soon starting with online classes and while you are quarantine you can learn this because you never know you can be a millionaire at the time of quarantine too! 😉

Our youtube channel – Digital mantra academy

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7 Online Courses During Lockdown You Need to Take to Improve Your Skills as Job Oriented

No one really knows when lockdowns and quarantines will be over for good. But you can make the most of your lockdown by improving your skills with online courses in lockdown.

1. Learn a New Language
2. Pursue Digital Marketing Qualifications
3. Learn How to Tackle Sustainability Issues
4. Learn How to Build and Plan Enterprise IT Infrastructure
5. Take Online Driver CPC Courses
6. Learn How to Improve Parenting Skills Classes
7. Learn How to Master Your Happiness With a Yale Free Online Course on Well-being.

In this lockdown, most of the people search online courses in lockdown are 

  • Preparing to work in adult social care
  • Digital marketing
  • Crafting Skills
  • Photography and Video
  • Online cooking school
  • Simple coding
  • Creating online content
  • Basics of bookkeeping
  • Software development
  • Dog Grooming
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