The Life of SEO Executive

In the Digital Marketing sector the life of SEO Executive role is like an actor where he/she has to give justice to different characters and job roles. As we know search engine optimization (SEO) is the practice of increasing the quantity and quality of traffic to your website through organic search engine results which is according to Moz.

In this job profile SEO executives have to plan all SEO activities in the right order and have to complete it in their respective sequence. SEO is an integral part of any digital marketing strategy. In this Digital Era SEO offers promising career opportunities which proves by a report of Search engine Journal, where they mention in the report that, the overall job market has been good, but SEO has been growing over 5x faster. So let’s take a look at who is an SEO executive and what is his/her work on this job role?

 We can call an SEO executive as a leader of trainees and interns.

 What do they exactly?

  • Organizing on-page SEO and off-page SEO.
  • Assigning tasks to the trainees.
  • Researching keywords with the help of various tools.
  • Completing which is assigned by senior authority.
  • Used to coordinate with many departments like the content department, social media marketing department.
  • Constant observation on activities which were done by competitors.
  • The basic tasks must be performed by an SEO executive is an analysis of both internal and external activities.

Those roles will change company by company.

Job description of an SEO executive.

We collect a few samples for you of the job description of an SEO executive which clearly show the difference of task and how it changes company by company as required. There are some primary tasks which are necessary to increase a company’s website ranking by SEO.

They work on assigned 100+ tasks which play an important role directly or indirectly to improve ranking companies’ websites by SEO.


the life of seo executive

The key tasks of an SEO executive are.

1. Find the relevant keywords from the most relevant keywords.

Keywords play’s big role in SEO to rank websites on search engine result pages. Searching for those effective keywords is an important task of SEO which is necessary to perform by an SEO executive and team. Sometimes executives have to search keywords for clients’ SEM campaigns or strengthening Own company’s SEO.

To find relevant keywords they use some keywords research tools which are available on the internet as well as in the market which are called Google keyword planner, SEM rush,, Uber suggest etc. SEO executives have knowledge of how to use these tools before start any campaign.

2. Observing the activities of the Competitors.

As an SEO executive you have to track and keep constant observation on what your

competitors are doing? Have to understand why they make a specific activity or action. As an example why track competitors move Pepsi and Coca-Cola are ideal.

3. Contribute in the crafting of the SEO strategy.

The SEO specialists need assistance in the task in making an SEO strategy which is played by an SEO executive who can work on the basics level in on-page SEO and off-page SEO.SEO executive does SEO the Company’s own website and even looks over the tasks undertaken as a part of the client campaign.

4. Maintain performance of reports.

To measure various performance of the different SEO elements with the use of Google analytics. This is an important task in the life of SEO executives. Companies expect from SEO executives to maintain performance reports and have to file a database of the results from SEO practice employed by the search Engine optimizers in the company.

5. Advice of an impactful way to optimize the website on carrying out Monthly Analysis.

They have to suggest right order to the overall SEO of the customer’s website or the company own website on the basis of weekly or monthly analytics.

6. Friendly relations with content department to contribute to the blog’s quality.

Contact writer’s know what is creative writing but it’s not enough to rank your website on the search engines results page. SEO executive gives them right keywords after analysing all things with the help of this keywords content creator create engaging content which is full of with quality and creativity which will be infused in writing up in order to optimize it for the search results.

To get awesome results SEO executive have keep friendly relations with content department, supposes to be provide them quality keywords to improve their contact as well as SEO ranking. In the life of SEO executive content department have to create meta description, focus keywords, tags, meta keywords, etc. SEO executive use to in from about latest trends, new updates and modification in the industry to content department which helps them to create SEO friendly content.

7. Salary of SEO executive.

You can see fluctuation in salary by city wise. There are many factors to decide a salary amount such like education qualification, Experience, city category, skills, managing abilities, project undertaken and target achieve etc. For the profile of SEO executive the average salary range between 15-25k (minimum) for freshers. It must be noted that figure are many vary with respect of various factors.

The conclusion 

 This blog speak’s on life of SEO executive

Which carry the job role of SEO executive and some detail information about it. Various functions, tasks which suppose to do. Salary and lifestyle even job role where changes as company requires. Are you interested to get this kind of opportunity?


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