How many people check their social media accounts every single day? Are you also active in your social media networks? For being trade is it important to act in social media? Most of the people answer is yes to this question because most people active in social media for a different purpose like some company offers for Social media marketing jobs. But how many people thought to take this advantage for their online business via social media optimization(SMO). As per survey 10% use because most of the people don’t know how to use and some are still blank that they can use social media network can use for their business.

Optimize your social media for your business is an easy task if you know what is social media optimization(SMO)? How to do and what are Strategies? The reason why you need this? For not only Unemployment and other people this is the hot job for nowadays and in Future. So let’s discuss this all point – step by step.

What is SMO?

Social media optimization(SMO) is the technique of gaining traffic or consideration over social media sites. Technically Social media optimization is the perfect alliance between search engine optimization and Social media. Now a day if you really want to brand awareness of the product and services, trade name, or event on short notice then you need to optimize social media channels and communities. The strong intention of the social media activities is done with the aim of getting unique visitors.

Social media optimization (SMO) is the use of social media networks to manage and grow an organization’s updates and online presence.

From a digital marketer’s point of view, social media optimization(SMO)can be used to increase awareness of products and services, connect with customers, and ameliorate news. Social media world changes the world faster than other online space so most of the company mostly use social media for branding so they offer social media marketing jobs.

Social media platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snap chat, YouTube, and Pinterest is using in Digital marketing for promoting and visible their product and services. 

As per Digital marketer point of view in Social media, there are 4 Types

  1. Social network: Social media channels can be utilized to build relationships with different brands and companies. The basic goal is to connect with people and this is simple and easy to connect and perform.
  2. Blogging network:  blogging and publishing networks inform the user about their new content by publishing, discovering their content and this is one of the brand representing tools. They publish new content for the only purpose that is for the public in order to encourage them for engaging with the companies by the way of commenting and sharing. 
  3. Media sharing Network: Media Sharing network is nothing but that can be used to share different media content like images, gifs, videos, clips, etc… These media sharing networks have proved to be amazing assets for promoting their brand and services. Media sharing networks can help to connect with an audience of hundreds and thousands of people. By using social media you can get social media marketing jobs can do as a freelancer. 
  4. Discussion forums: These forums are social media networks that are present in the market before another platform like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. These discussion forums allow users to ask their queries and other users can answer their queries. This is the open platform to learn and share knowledge. This is a popular way to connect with other people.

If you have a website or business then you must know this why should use social media network?

  • To get traffic on the website
  • Increase Website Visibility
  • Business awareness and their product branding
  • To connect with customers
  • Free Advertisement
  • Ease to target the audience
  • Customer review and their satisfaction use for build trust relation with new visitors
  • Sharing Quick Updates
  • Quick Popularity and branding
  • Close relationship with the customer
  • Paid Campaigns
  • Easy way to earn Goodwill of the company

social media optimization(SMO)

10 Best Strategies of Social Media 

  1. Make Strategy

You need to make a strategy with fix goal and objective. The best conceptual strategy will focus on only growth and quality result. Without strategy is like going on A path without knowing the destination so it’s time wasting so before Social Media Optimization (SMO) need to make strategy.

  1. Social media monitoring :

The main important aspect is you need to monitor your social media page. You should find out what people are searching for and their interest and disinterest. If can monitor these things then no one can stop you to get success in Social media networking.

  1. Keyword research

Here out of all things you need SEO skills, Keyword research is most of the important aspects of Digital marketing.  Keyword research is all about finding the words and phrases that will help to rank on search engines. Relevant #hashtags use to identify industries. If you are unable to find keywords then you can prospective customers and wasting ads and SMO work.

  1. Profile Optimization

Profile Optimization is not only for users it’s also an essential thing for search engines. The profile shows all about every each point about your company. And profiles build a trust relationship with customers and increase the ratio of engaging with new customers.

Here some aspect where you must need to fill in the details:

  • Profile Picture: A user always checks the image of the profile before moving on. Like if a user searching for Digital mantra academy and finds one profile so we open the profile picture and see this logo then he sees other details. The logo is representing the company and trusts the customer that the account is own by the company.
  • Username: Username helps users find brand profiles easily so the username is one thing that you should be consistent about.
  • Bio: Bio is only having a few seconds to grab a user’s attention and get them to follow your channel. Your bio helps you to build a connection right from the start.
  1. Use Existent Influences

It is a big challenge when to want to take place in the digital market, especially in starting in this field even you have an excellent strategy, it might take a lot of effort.  So most of the big companies take help from Social media marketing companies to optimize their social profile.

If you ask me What is social media marketing? In simple language introducing myself and my life story in technically Social media marketing is the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.  Nowadays Social media marketing is ruling the world. As per the survey, Social media marketing Jobs are available more than 10k per day in India.

  1. Content Optimization

Content is the front face of social media because you can this is the most important key to express and impress users. In social media content can post in 2 ways. You can add content in your own words and other is extracted from the content already present on the internet.

The most important aspect for best result and high engagement post, make sure that both contents must be relevant to the users.

social media optimization
  1. Posting schedule

Posting time has a significant impact on post engagement. The perfect time is different for different groups and communities. The best time is dependent on the users of related content.

Most important is how many you need to post in different social media as per the survey.

  • Facebook : 3-10 post per week
  • Twitter: 6+ post per day
  • LinkedIn: 3-6 post per week
  • Pinterest: 6-8 posts per day.
  • YouTube: 2-3 post per week

If you have all social media channels so you have to maintain Content Planning, Creation, Publishing, and Calendar. This kind of schedule helps you to engage with customers.

  1. Analytics of Social media networks

Tracking your social media networks is essential, as it explains how well your strategy is working. For social media metrics, you need to track traffic and you can also look at engagement on all posts.

Why should use analytics for Social media?

  • They help you understand your audience
  • They show you what your best social networks are
  • Social data can help you create better content
  • Help you Understand competitors
  • Social metrics can help you create a better strategy
  • Social media analytics shows you how a social media campaign is performing
  1. Suitable Hashtags

When it comes to Social media Hashtags are as crucial as the content itself. Hostages used on social media as a network that makes it easier to find information with a theme. Hashtags help members filter information and reach their target customers.

  1. Concrete on Heading

The heading should be stunning enough to capture the attention almost instantly of users. Make sure your heading is must be unique, related to the content, not get boring, not repetitive, use fresh for each post. You can also set different heading for multiple social media networks so its looks nice and you don’t post the same thing thousand times in a row.  

Social media marketing jobs in India

Social media optimization(SMO) become famous when social media networks took over the lives of users. You can see the pros of social media job

  1. You will get paid for using your favorite social media network.
  2. You can choose any industry.
  3. You have many opportunities in social media
  4. A career in social media doesn’t need any particular degree.


social media optimization
social media optimization
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