How can a novice get a good digital marketing job?

How can a novice get a good digital marketing job?

The first thing in developing your career is to stop being “cooler” or “beginner.” Because new students don’t get a big salary. If you ask a company you just mentioned after learning from the digital marketing course, you won’t be hired.

Even if they hire you, they will hire you for a very low salary, because they think you can’t add value to your organization, and you will end up gaining learning and experience at your own expense. You can change this perception.

Someone will help you and give you a good salary only when:

  • They believe that you can add value to your business
  • They think you can make more money than they spend.
  • They think they can’t find another candidate like you on the market.

Without checking the three points above, you won’t get a job.

How to gain experience in digital marketing

You will not be a “beginner” or “beginner” in digital marketing if you have at least one year of experience in digital marketing.

The good news is that you don’t need a digital marketing job to get that year of experience.

You can start your website, post and index some content in search engines, share links on social networks, and even run some paid ad campaigns to increase traffic to your site.

How to gain experience in digital marketing

You can do this while you are in college or working part-time when you do another job.

Now this project (your website/blog) becomes your resume. People hire you for what you can do, not for what you know.

Knowledge is now freely available online. No one will hire you for your experience. You are a tenant of your ability to do things.

A Blog is a live example you can do and get results.

Job Analysis Form

You searched for “Digital Marketing Manager” on LinkedIn and you can see 1273 results.

Let’s take one of them. This company has Chai Sota Bar, Digital Marketing Manager for your company. They have more than 50 employees, and it seems that there are not many applicants.

They seem to want someone with at least one-year experience. But as a beginner, you still have a chance with them.

Let’s see how you qualify for a job like this …

Get qualified

First, you must be eligible for the job.

Instead of finding jobs that match your qualifications, try to match your work by doubling your definition of qualifications.

The most important thing is the practical experience …

A year of marketing experience: Many companies realize that sellers cannot be found easily. Years of experience does not mean that you must have a job for one year. If you run your blog for a year, it can be an experiment. There is no difficult and quick judgment here. Everything is flexible. If you can convince them that you have gained some real marketing experience in running your blog, you have a great opportunity to get a job. (So ​​I got my first job)

Get qualified

Content Creation Skills: The two main types of content include text and video. If you have published at least 10 posts on your blog, you can show that you have the skills to create text content. If you create and publish five videos on YouTube, you have the skills to create video content.

Excellent communication and organization skills: Good communication skills are essential for every job. Then there’s nothing I can suggest here. For organizational skills, you must show them that you can execute a complex project efficiently. For example, if you have 1,000 readers, you can organize a meeting on the topic of your blog, invite a speaker, and create an experience for your readers. You can write it with pictures and it becomes proof that you can organize something.

Your responsibilities

To get the job, you must prove that you can perform the responsibilities.

The responsibilities listed here are:

Plan and implement digital marketing campaigns: Want to know if you can plan and implement a digital marketing campaign. You can create and execute a simple campaign yourself. Let’s say you take 10 blog posts and publish them as Kindle eBooks. Now you have to generate some sales for this eBook. Let’s say that an e-book costs $ 100. If you spend $ 1000 on Facebook Facebook, you can generate at least sales from this e-book. Yes, you’ll be confused, but at least you can show that you can create a campaign, write a copy of the ad, create ad images, increase traffic, and create a sale or two.

Your responsibilities

Monitor and analyze the effectiveness of marketing content: Install Google Analytics on your blog. Find out which of the ten posts posted the maximum number of hits and why. Learn about traffic sources. Even if you have 10 search visitors and 20 Facebook visitors, they still have data and show skills that will not exist with other applicants (because most people are too lazy to do so). digital marketing job

Develop and manage website content: This is something you will actually do because you posted on your blog. Now he knows how to “deal with them”. You can create a content calendar to publish more than enough to show your content management skills. digital marketing job

Find your target audience: Develop a selfie with the customer, search for some keywords, and see how many people are searching for a specific keyword. (Do this also for the company you’re applying for, and you’ll be impressed.) Discover the overall size of your target market audience in Facebook ads and get this information with you. This shows that you can find the target audience. digital marketing job

Your responsibilities

All this can be learned in a 100-day course.

Now, if you’re a blogger who can do all of the above, I’m sure you can get the previous post. There are many jobs in India and the only way to get them is to be better than other applicants.

Taking some initiatives and gaining experience yourself will ensure that you will not only get the job, but you will also have many jobs offers to choose from.

Your responsibilities

Let’s take a look at another list that needs 4 years of experience

This job is the upper intermediate level and you can get these jobs once you get an entry-level job and gain some experience. Always keep your blog project aside and keep growing. When you apply for a job like this, you can show your previous work experience + your work experience. digital marketing job

This is how a newbie or newbie can get a good digital marketing job

If you want to read more about it, you can review my book on how to get the digital marketing job you dream of …

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