Best Career Options after 12th in india-2022

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Best Career Options after 12th in india-2022

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“Have you completed 12th?” if yes then next question will be “What to do after 12th?”. Which career am I Supposed to choose?”, “Which course is best after 12th? So many haunting questions will be annoying to students and also to their parents. 

Student’s actual turning point in life comes after 12th Standard while choose the best career path they face many difficulties and get worried. Most of the time student’s passion not found to be a good professional choice and once you choose a career then switching will be difficult. Now a day Google gives all information and updated information about courses after the 12th

Interest, Motivation, and Goals are Prime aspect student must while choosing courses after 12th Student can choose from top courses including Engineering, Architecture, Design, Law, Digital Marketing, Applied Science, Business Studies, Management and Social Sciences, Economics, Media, Humanities, SEO, Diploma Courses and more.

So, let’s Begin

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Gone those days where students have to select between doctor and engineer. “AMBITION is the first step to success, second is ACTION!!!” So, take the right action in choose your career for that here check out some of the best courses after 12th.

List of Top 20 Courses that grow your Career

1. Professional Engineering

three man doing their engineering work with black board

If you enjoy being a good technical problem solve and find unique solutions to every problem then engineering is possibly the best career path for you. 

The student has to give entrance examinations conducted for admission process such as JEE Main, JEE Advanced and MH-CET It is a professional degree program which is four years long which awards Bachelor of Engineering degree after its completion. 

Engineering is the branch of science that deals with major branches, such as civil, software, mechanical, chemical, electrical, and industrial. Here, students can explore the most advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning algorithms, cloud computing, and much more. 

What’s fascinating about being an engineer is having a piece of deep knowledge and information about designing, robotics also the building of machines. Therefore, with so many expected future trends there is a lot of hope and scope for future in engineering.

2. Hotel Management

3 people are sitting in hotel one is receptionist and other two are coustomer

Whenever we plan the trips after deciding the destiny, first we book a hotel for comfortable accommodation. But have we thought about what it takes to run one hotel successfully? All those things you will learn in the hotel management course in which you get to know how to run the hotel effectively. 

Hotel management has many tasks, such as hotel booking, hospitality customer service, and event booking. Here you have been professionally trained to learn about the management aspect of hotel to keep the customers soul pleasant. The primary goal of this course is to provide the appropriate service according to customer need. The hotel management industry is a leading contributor to India’s economy.

Hotel management is one of the prominent professions where there are opportunities in multi-folds. Growing tourism has always required a good expert and graduate students in hotel management. As the number of tourists is enlarging constantly, the demand for hospitality has bloomed. 

Before you apply for this course, you must have skills such as excellent communication skills, team working, also interpersonal skills. But if you are wondering what kind of jobs are available after this course then Not to worry!! Aspirants can join following job roles such as Hotel manager, Event manager, Restaurant manager, Accommodation manager. You can also have opportunities abroad with expert experience in this profession.

3. Master in Digital Marketing

advanced digital marketing course

During the pandemic of Covid-19, the trend in online shopping increased rapidly as the world has become digitalized. People are becoming more self-sufficient and implemented digital channels to fulfil their needs with health and safety concerns. 

They shop online now more than before. Digital marketing has become an essential requirement in today’s world as the use of digital platforms as new companies choose the preferred advertising medium plus established organizations. 

The various types of digital marketing are content marketing, search engine optimization [SEO], social media marketing, email marketing, video marketing, and website marketing. Courses after 12th arts, Courses after 12th science, Courses after 12th commerce, or other field students can be eligible for digital marketing.

If you are looking to start your digital marketing career in India or anywhere in the world, we understand that it might be a little overwhelming in the beginning. 

But with the right and simple information about digital marketing career opportunities in India, you will be able to understand the options available and choose the right one. In this blog, we will give you all the needful information you need before starting your career in digital marketing. 

Be sure to stick to the end of the blog for some tips on starting a successful career in digital marketing. But before we get started, let’s shed some light on why digital marketing is gaining so much popularity and what is the professional growth of digital marketing in India. 

For all the inexperienced, digital marketing is the marketing of your products/services through digital channels and means and making them visible to viewers and turning them into customers, and retaining them.

The scope of digital marketing in India has grown since its introduction due to its ability to market products and services to a wider global audience at affordable prices. 

Choosing to advertise your products online only to those who meet your target audience criteria or re-marketing your ads specifically to people who have shown interest in the past has been one of the many reasons marketers have moved on to digital marketing.

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Since the covid-19 crisis hit the world, digital marketing has been adopted by small or large companies because it has proved to be one of the most effective ways to conduct marketing campaigns even while their audience was stuck at home.

If you want to earn money or make a career as soon as possible, then just join courses after the 12th which leads to you in the pick of your career else you can be an entrepreneur.

New digital marketing trends kept emerging and didn’t stop. Digital marketing has helped many businesses survive and recover in these difficult times.

Therefore, digital marketing quickly became a necessity for every company rather than a choice from a newly effective marketing component.

Creating an online presence and meeting consumer needs was extremely vital to surviving the growing competition. With the increase in the time people spend on their phones and the internet, it was obvious that businesses needed to shift their focus there.

Hence, with the growing need for digital marketing in every business due to the benefits of digital marketing, the scope of digital marketing has proven to be commendable

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4. BCA (bachlor of computer application)

a girl doing coding in pc

Bachelor of Computer Application is a 3-year undergraduate course consisting of six semesters where you will learn the basics of software development as well as a computer application. The syllabus consists of a database management system, software engineering, operating system, web technology, and programming languages such as HTML, C, C++, Python, and Java, B.Tech and BCA are almost similar both courses are related to the IT sector only the advantage point is that BCA has three years duration while B.Tech has four years. 

Now a days the demand for computer professionals increasing, so BCA is a logically good career choice to make an entry into the field of reputed IT companies such as IBM, Oracle, Infosys, and Google. Students can also go for further studies like MCA, MBA, and which provide excellent job opportunities like web developer or software developer. 

The admission procedure is simple. You have to give the entrance test and select the best college according to your merits, but some colleges do prefer only qualifying examination 12th.

5. BBA (bachlor of business administration)

four people taking to each other about business

A Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a bachelor’s degree in business administration It is a three-year professional undergraduate course that is most popular. In this course, you can learn accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, strategic management, and other subjects related to business management. 

Students from any field, such as Science, Arts, and Commerce can be admitted to this course. The popular specializations in BBA are BBA Finance, BBA Marketing, BBA Foreign Trade, BBA Tourism, and a lot. 

Generally, you do not have to take an entrance exam to get admission to BBA but in some colleges, you have to take an entrance exam to get admission to BBA Different colleges to conduct their entrance exams and admit them according to their merits. In the college where the entrance test is not taken, you are admitted as per the marks of 12th.

6. (agriculture)

a agriculture inspector checking farm and farmer tell him information

B.Sc Agriculture is a four-year undergraduate professional course that deals with food production, horticulture, animal husbandry, rural economy and rural development, and environmental health. The syllabus consists of Agricultural Economics, Pathology, Entomology, Genetics, Animal Husbandry, and Plant Breeding. 

If you are thinking this course is now getting old also there is nothing to learn new, then your assumptions are wrong because the agriculture sector has become modern Farmers are using new technologies such as hybridization, genetics, and engineering to improve crop production, and disease control. 

After graduation, you have a lot of golden opportunities such as you can go for government exams such as UPSC, FCI, IBPS, and others or you can independently do work as an Agricultural Officer, Agricultural Scientist, Animal Breeder, etc. 

You can take admission in both ways by applying directly online at the college website or by the merit list released by the college. Some of the popular colleges conduct entrance exams and, based on the scores, you get admitted to that college.

7. LLB (Bachelor of Legislative Law)

a female lower

Bachelor of Computer Application is a 3-year undergraduate course consisting of six semesters where you will learn the basics of software development as well as a computer application. 

The syllabus consists of a database management system, software engineering, operating system, web technology, and programming languages such as HTML, C, C++, Python, and Java, B.Tech and BCA are almost similar both courses are related to the IT sector only the advantage point is that BCA has three years duration while B.Tech has four years. 

Now a days the demand for computer professionals increasing, so BCA is a logically good career choice to make an entry into the field of reputed IT companies such as IBM, Oracle, Infosys, and Google. 

Students can also go for further studies like MCA, MBA, and which provide excellent job opportunities like web developer or software developer. 

The admission procedure is simple. You have to give the entrance test and select the best college according to your merits, but some colleges do prefer only qualifying examination 12th.

8. BDS (bachlor of Dental Surgery)

a professional men dentist doing surgery of female patient

BDS is one of the most popular degree of dentists after the MBBS course it is the second choice of students. The BDS is a 5-year undergraduate course in these 5 years you have 4 years of classroom classes and 1 year of mandatory internship. 

Students use the title of ‘Dr’ before their name after successfully completing the course. Net is national level examination through which students can take admission into BDS courses. 

During the BDS course you are given practical knowledge and training about dental diseases Upon completion of the BDS course, the student becomes a dentist The dentist prevents diagnoses and cures teeth. 

In this course students study imaging, tissue graft, implants, laser surgery and trauma. After completing this course one can open his dental clinic or work like dental surgeon, oral surgery, and Orthodontics so on. 

The scope of BDS is increasing at a rapid speed as oral health is one of the primary concerns for everyone. BDS doctors work in their own clinics or government hospitals or private hospitals. 

Some students also work in a Pharma company after completing the BDS course.

9. Master in Creative Content Writing course

a man writing a content for blog

Content writing is the way to convey to the audiences by creating meaningful and helpful messages to inspire and attract business. To get our website on the first page of Google, you should be a master in content writing. 

The content writing field is so extensive that students have many opportunities to build their careers. Content should influence the people and help in increasing traffic to their websites. 

A news article, for example, cannot be creative writing because its main aim is to present facts and not express the feelings of the writer. Using content writing, we speak directly with customers, investors, employees and so many audiences for this, reason our content must be well written, researched and also impressive. 

Consistent, high-quality content including SEO keyword research and integration improves customers engagement and also boost chances of content spread across the internet.

During content writing, algorithms are used to compose unique, self-expressive, as well as excellent content. 

If you are worrying about opportunities then Research Writer, Medical Writer, Technical Writer, Copywriter, Creative Writer, Freelancer, Web content Writer, Business Writer, Academic Writer, Social media manager, Blogger and so many career fields are available Hence it is granted as best course after 12th.

The requirements for this course are not so difficult only basic English language, perfect use of vocabulary and grammar. If you love reading, researching and keen to share your own perspective, and creative in writing, then you should give Content Writing a serious thought. 

For creative writing, you have to express your feeling related to that topic and the first step is to use your imagination.

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10. BMS (Bachelor of Management Studies)

3 persons managing the work with big alarm stand in center

Bachelor of Management Studies is a three-year undergraduate program that provides vast knowledge of human resource management, economics, finance, trading, and business studies. 

Well, requirements for this course are students have knowledge about the current affairs and stock market and they should have the qualities like team-building, time management and also effective communication. 

The subjects of BMS are Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior, Statistics for Business Decisions, Business Accounting, Principles of Marketing and so on.

 In order to get admission for General BMS courses, take an entrance exam like CET, UGAT. Various colleges admit students on the basis of entrance examination. 

In some colleges, they give admission on the basis of marks of 12th standard without taking any entrance test. 

Different career opportunities after BMS are Sales and marketing, Finance and Accounting, Retail, Consultancies, Academic Institutions and you want you can go for higher studies to become advanced in this career.

11. Become a CA (Chartered Accountant)

a men holding a pencil and watching a invoice

If you are finding the best course after 12th commerce then CA or Charted Accountancy is a suitable course the ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India) conducts this exam. 

After completing 12th commerce if you are a good at math and have interest in Auditing, Accounting then CA is the most preferred course. The duration of this course is five years. Common Proficiency Course Subjects, Integrated Professional Competence Course Subjects, and Final Course Subjects are the subjects for the three different levels in the course. 

Quantitative skills, Communication skills, and the ability to work under pressure are the required skills for this course. After completing CA, you can go in Banks, Public Limited Companies, Auditing Firms and Legal Firms and the positions are Chartered Accountant, Finance Manager, Financial Advisor, Financial Analyst, Auditor, Internal Auditor, Public Accountant, Cost Accountant Aspirants can work in both the public and the private sectors. Four essential steps to become CA are

  1. Passing the CA Foundation Course examinations
  2. Register for the CA Foundation Course.
  3. Register for the CA Intermediate Course
  4. Enrolling in Article ship and Finals

The CA final exam is the final stage to become a CA. It has very vast syllabus such as Professional Ethics, Advance Management, Accountancy, Financial Reporting, Strategic Finance, and similarly other subjects

12. BMM (Bachelor of Mass Media)

mass communication and media

Bachelor of Mass Media (B.M.M.) is a three-year undergraduate Mass Communications program which is divided into six semesters. 

The syllabus consists of seven subjects which are GK, Current affairs, Data Interpretation, Economics, English Language and Comprehension Skills, Logical Reasoning and Critical Analysis, and also Creative Thinking The various opportunities in this field are News Reporter, Editor, Writer, Video Journalist, Anchor, Correspondent, News Analyst. 

The required skills are creativity, Problem-solving skills, Interpretation skills, Networking skills etc. The BMM course teaches you about newspapers, TV, radio and the Internet. St Xavier’s BMM Entrance Test is one of topmost entrance examination having duration of 1 hour 45 minutes. 

Most of the colleges conducts their own examination The entrance exam mainly has questions from English and Communication Skills, General Knowledge, Creative Thinking, Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation and Economics. Some of the colleges conduct interviews or group discussion for selection of Candidates.

13. Become Master in Web Developer

a boy is doing coding to build an website

Web developer develops World Wide Web Applications designs and also create the content for a website. In this Digital World, every industry is looking to move their work and profits digitally. Even small-scale businesses require a Web Developer. 

There are mainly three parts Frontend, Backend, and full-stack developer. The main task of web developer is adding the functions and make the website responsive for both desktop and mobile application. 

The programming languages used for frontend are HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript Backend developers uses PHP, Ruby, ASP and SQL. You should be familiar with User experience (UX), User interface (UI), Visual design, Understanding of SEO and design software like Photoshop and Sketch. 

The skill required to become a professional web developer are Strong creative ability, A logical approach, Strong designing skills, Curious and eager interest in technology, having a creative mind set and Ability to self-learn. 

According to LinkedIn, there are 26000+ job openings for Web Developers with an average starting salary of 3,00,000 INR in India. And it can be increased by 5,00,000 – 6,00,000 INR at an intermediate level of your experience. 

The jobs a Web Developer can do are Testing web applications, Front-end developer, Full-stack developer and also back-end developer.

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14. b. pharm (Bachelor of Pharmacy)

B Pharm stands for Bachelor of Pharmacy four-year-long undergraduate course After the 12th it is the best course for students who are interested in the medical field. 

Nowadays B Pharm is one of the most preferred courses as the export value of India’s drugs and pharmaceuticals have increased. 

India ranks 3rd for pharmaceutical production. The subjects that will be taught in B Pharmacy are Remedial Biology, Pathophysiology, Physical Pharmaceutics, Environmental Sciences, Medicinal Chemistry, Biochemistry and so many other. 

The students study the drugs and medicines, formulations, dosages, Pharmaceutical Engineering, Medicinal Chemistry, etc. The admission procedure is simple. 

You just have to give entrance exams, or you get selected based on merit it depends on the college. 

After graduation, you can go either for higher studies i.e. master of Pharmacy or you can do a job in both the private and public sector as a Pharmacist, medical representative, Research and development Analytical Chemistry, and Drug Therapist Other than this you can establish your consultancy or a medical scope. There are five topmost companies for jobs:

  1. Cipla
  2. Reddy’s Laboratories
  3. Lupin
  4. Glenmark Pharmaceuticals
  5. Novartis

If you are still wondering do, this course has a bright future then stop worrying because there are a lot of opportunities in healthcare due to the expansion of healthcare facilities, the use of modern technologies, and demand for pharmacists will never cease.

15. BAMS (Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery)

a Ayurveda is getting to prepare through bams doctor

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery the candidate who has a passion for the various aspects of Ayurveda and wants to enrich their knowledge in Surgery to treat various diseases and disorders can do the course after the completion of class 12th. 

BAMS is 5.5 years duration undergraduate course including a 12-month mandatory internship It mainly focuses on Ayurveda methods of healing or ancient methods used by Ayurveda physicians. The various subjects are Sanskrit, Ashtanga Hridayam, Padartha Vigyan, Kriya Sharir, Rachana Sharir, Ayurveda Itihas, Charaka Samhita. 

Admission to the BAMS course will be done after qualifying for the National Eligibility cum Entrance Test NEET entrance exam. After completing graduation, there are a lot of opportunities in the medical field such as surgeon, gynaecologist, pharmacist, teacher, panchakarma practioner and various other roles are available. The Ayurveda industry is booming because of its treatments. 

BAMS is gaining well reputation because people experience relief after using Ayurveda medicines than the chemical products. It helps them to live healthy lives.

16. BHMS (Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery)

a doctor is showing a medicine with homeopathic background

One of the largest, respected and continuously gaining popularity after 12th is BHMS, i.e., Bachelor of Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery five and half years long duration and one year internship course divided into nine semesters. 

Homeopathic gaining popularity because its medicines are effective, most importantly natural to use. After graduation, the various job roles are General physician, Doctor, Pharmacist, Private Practitioner, Public Health Specialist and more roles are available in health industry. 

You must have qualities like communication skills, key knowledge of Basic concepts, Teamwork, and Desire for continued learning and learning new researchAfter graduating Students can also go for further studies such as 

  • M.D.(Hom) in Psychiatry, Pediatrics, Pharmacy and others.
  • M.Sc. in Epidemiology, Medical Anatomy, Human Genome and others.
  • PGDM in Holistic Healthcare, Diabetology, Acupuncture and others.

Homeopathic is considered as best course after 12th because of its popularity in both public as well as private sector.

17. Mass Communication and media

Interview with doctor. Girl asks questions to specialist on camera, video and social networks. Mass media and informing population, interviews and consultation.

Mass communication is a means of conveying a large amount of information Mass communication and media are not limited to journalism but also extend to other areas such as news gathering and reporting, film directing and production, event management, public relations, advertising, corporate communication.

The picture of mass communication and media has changed a lot in the last few years Mass communication and media have become an integral part of today’s life Be it a current letter or television, television is your home. 

Today, with the help of smartphones, everyone can easily communicate with others. Can put your feelings in front of the space The Internet makes it possible for us to get any information when we have it, just like the whole world Now you too can read my blog with the help of the internet It is also a form of mass communication and media Today the Internet has made mass communication and media a popular medium.

18. Nursing course

Doctors and nurses cartoon characters medical hospital team fighting the coronavirus illustration

After 12th there are a lot of best options are available to choose the career among them nursing is also good. Being nurse means you must have the qualities like patience, handling pressure, caring, attention to details, emotional stability and respectfulness. 

The subjects taught are Human Anatomy, Sociology, Pharmacology, Nutrition, Pathology, Medical-Surgical Nursing, Physiology, Environmental Science, Biochemistry, Genetics, Psychology and so many others B.Sc. Nursing or Bachelor of Science in Nursing is 4-year undergraduate program students who have completed 12th with Physics, Chemistry, and Biology can do this course. 

The career opportunities after graduation are bright such as becoming a clinical nurse, nurse anesthetist, nurse educator, nurse practioner, or staff course After completing the course nurses can also work as supervisors and managers in various hospitals.

19. Air Hostess Course

Air Hostess Course

One of the fascinating careers after 12th is Air hostess. The Air hostess course requires fluency in communication such as Hindi, English, and one additional foreign language, and also you should be mentally fit. The Air hostess welcomes the passengers and also ensures that passengers are safe and comfortable. 

The one who loves traveling, exploring the world and meeting new people can do this course. There are so many courses available for air hostesses such as Air hostess/Flight pursuer, International Airlines, and travel management, Air hostess diploma, etc. 

Air hostess job is very exciting it requires skills such excellent communication, Ability to Work Overtime, Friendly personality, presence of mind. The top airlines recruits air hostess is Air India, Indigo, Go Air, TATA, Jet Airways, Indian Airlines. 

The most exciting part of this course is there are so many benefits available such as Life insurance, medical allowances, Subsidized flight, Travelling experience.

20. Banking Course

a fully online banking transaction is done with a smart phone

Students who completed the 12th course in commerce can explore the field of banking sectors. After 12th commerce students can do BA in Banking and Finance, BA in Financial Planning, BBA in Finance and Banking, and in Banking a lot of opportunities are provided by the banking industry. 

The duration of the course depends on which banking course you are doing There are banking graduate, post-graduate courses, PG-diploma, and certificate courses. 

The subjects of this course are Marketing of Financial Services, Banking laws, Financial Markets in India, Economics of Global Trade and Finance, Foreign Exchange, and other subjects. There are several job opportunities like wealth management, loan, audit, funding, etc. 

Candidates can also give various bank exams such as SBI Clerk, SBI SO, RBI Grade B Exam, IBPS PO, and other banks also conduct exams for different roles.

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Bringing it all together

There are so many courses available after 12th Science, Arts, and Commerce. Students have to choose the course according to their passion and interest because once you chose a career it will be difficult to switch. Whatever field you choose you can become successful only after hard work Remember slow and steadily you can win the race.

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